Book – Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?


A reassuring and engaging book that blends science and decades of practical application in the realm of stress management.

Learn how to:

Bring vitality back to an exhausted body and mind.

Gain a sense of control over anxiety.

Let go of past and present emotional pain.

Stop frightening, out of control thoughts and bring the mind to a place of calm

Know exactly what happens when stressed and how this directly impacts health. Find out how we can, in a matter of minutes, switch the nervous system to heal and repair of the body.  

This is a highly practical read, written in a gently motivating style with many suggestions as to how to easily put positive changes into effect. Filled with relaxing exercises, these are backed up by downloadable audios on my free stuff page. In the book I describe these in more detail including how and why they work – amongst these are guided deep relaxation and hypnotic journeys for sleeping well and healing the body, breathwork for health and deep relaxation, how to release troubling feelings and how to clear your mind. 

Two new chapters – this year (2021) I felt the book would be more complete with some added information on restoring good physical health through a look at the stress of a less than optimal diet. Again, I also tackle how to go about making changes in a way that takes out the potential for stress. The other chapter is a brief foray into quantum physics, the new understandings we now have and how this is relevant to our body and peace of mind. Includes how to strengthen our boundaries and feel more safe and a section on the connection between certain emotions and states of ill-health.

Also Included in Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?:

The role of the nervous system and how we can switch from “fight or flight” to “rest and repair” in minutes – this not only boosts our immunity but enhances the functioning of all our internal organs and systems. Not to mention the impact on our physical appearance and attractiveness!

What happens when we experience stress – understanding the cascade of hormonal and biochemical triggers that can lead to poor health – mental and physical.

The power of our mind and how to utilise it for positive life changes to our health, well-being, relationships, home life, spirituality and work.

How to tackle anxiety through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and also learn a process of engaging with the body’s senses in order to more rapidly melt uncomfortable feelings.

Many techniques to induce a calm, focussed mind.

How to get a good night’s sleep and what may be preventing that.

Mindfulness and breathing techniques you can use throughout your day and as you work to improve your quality of life.

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