Book – Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?

Why Does Stress Make Us Ill? is a reassuring read on how to combat stress, overwhelm and anxiety, it’s available in Kindle and paperback. Please click on BUY ON AMAZON to purchase the book.

Have you ever wondered exactly how and why stress impacts our health in all the ways that it does? We can all understand the detrimental effects of physical strain and poor diet on our body; what’s less understood is the impact of emotional and mental strain. In this book the reason for this is laid out in an engaging and easy to read manner.

Through reading this book the reader will be able to understand why simple practises involving breathwork or mindfulness have such a powerful impact on reversing the effects of stress.

Included in Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?:

The role of the nervous system and how we can switch from “fight or flight” to “rest and repair” in minutes – this not only boosts our immunity but enhances the functioning of all our internal organs and systems. Not to mention the impact on our physical appearance and attractiveness!

What happens when we experience stress – understanding the cascade of hormonal and biochemical triggers that can lead to poor health – mental and physical.

The power of our mind and how to utilise it for positive life changes to our health, well-being, relationships, home life, spirituality and work.

How to tackle anxiety through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and also learn a process of engaging with the body’s senses in order to more rapidly melt uncomfortable feelings.

Many techniques to induce a calm, focussed mind.

How to get a good night’s sleep and what may be preventing that.

Mindfulness and breathing techniques you can use throughout your day and as you work to improve your quality of life.

I have written this book to be as clear, practical and waffle free as possible and have also recorded several audios and relaxing meditations that back up the exercises in the book. See below for a link or click on Free Resources at the top of the page.

Free Resources:

Please click here for free audios that support the practices in the book

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