Why Am I So Tired?

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Perhaps you’re experiencing the fatigue physically? Such as heaviness, shortness of breath, a constant desire to rest or sleep.

Or emotionally, such as feeling overwhelmed, numb, flat or overly sensitive?

Are you mentally wired and more reactive with a decreasing ability to think clearly or with focus? 

Do you often feel exhausted at just the thought of doing a task?

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Fatigue comes in all forms, not just physical. Unless there is an underlying physical condition much of the tiredness we’re experiencing is mental, emotional or an imbalance in the energetic systems of the body.

There are also global and even cosmic reasons for why we feel more tired than ever. “Space weather” is affecting us to a degree never seen before and I elaborate on this within the course.

The undeniable fact about fatigue at this point in time is that you are definitely not alone, feeling tired all the time seems to be one of the most common complaints across the world.

I’ve gone through debilitating periods of fatigue over the past few decades and each of these experiences of tiredness had a different cause and each needed something new in order to find my way back to health and vitality.

“Why Am I So Tired?” is holistic in its approach; honed from over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the Mind, Body, Spirit sector and backed up by more recent developments in the field of well-being and health. 

So what will you find in this course?

It is structured around eight modules that are practical and action (in a gentle way!)  orientated.

Each module has at least one video covering a different topic about fatigue and the videos are a mix of theory, practical applications and protocols to follow. There are concise notes to back up each module so you don’t have to take notes unless you want to.

As a bonus I have recorded at least eight meditations taking you deeper into each topic. Such as a hypnotherapeutic journey into sleep; an imaginative journey to experience vibrant health; therapeutic breath-work that soothes the nervous system and switches off the stress response; anchoring on all sensory levels the vision of your ideal future self; bringing the mind to stillness and more.

Some Of The Video Topics Include

  • Adrenal burnout and chronic stress – the very real and biologically measurable impact of stress on our mind and body.
  • How diet, nutrition, toxins and micro-biome balance in our gut impact energy and well-being.
  • The influence of emotion on the body and how to safely release feelings in order to feel more free and vital within yourself.
  • Some simple energy medicine techniques to enjoy a better flow of energy through the body 
  • How to strengthen boundaries to better cope with people and the potentially exhausting drama of the external world.
  • What may be preventing good sleep and many tips for ensuring restful sleep.
  • How to bring the mind into a state of calm – from here it is easier to entrain positive thinking
  • And more…

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