One to One Sessions

I work with people who are struggling to overcome a debilitating issue or condition; who long to experience freedom from years of feeling limited or blocked.

Being blocked or limited could stem from the recognisable pain and trauma of the past, from current conditions – physical or mental – or the cause can be frustratingly unknown.

In each session the aim is to go deep to the core of the presenting issue and release layers of emotion, outdated mental programming and unhelpful beliefs. We then look at the installation of new, positive beliefs and feelings about self and the world in relation to your issue.

Below are some issues you may be struggling with:

Overwhelm, stress, debilitating fears and anxiety.

Loss, grief and feeling abandoned.

Childhood issues, trauma and abuse.

Feeling blocked or stuck in life.

Personal and spiritual development and spiritual crisis.

Low self esteem, self worth and lack of confidence

Sessions available online via Zoom. To book, please pay below and email, or via the contact page, to set up an appointment.

Free Consultation

If you are unsure about a session with me I offer a 30 minute free session to discuss your issue and if wished do a little release work. Email me to set this up. There is no obligation to book after this.

Therapy Session

Pre-payment online therapy session


Hours of Business

Tuesdays – 9.30am – 1.30pm

Wednesdays – 10am – 6pm

Thursdays – 3pm – 7pm.

If these hours are difficult due to work commitments or time zone differences please email me as I can be flexible.

More detail about potential issues and session content

Anxiety – this condition is treatable and there is hope. There are usually very specific reasons for why anxiety arose in the first place and when we deal with the reasons it begins to unwind. However, as anxiety is a physiological condition that gives rise to many symptoms it takes time to undo the effects. These sessions are a mixture of therapy and coaching with homework and resources to continue the work on your own.

Stress, overwhelm, fear – These sessions work through and release the reasons for the experience of stress, overwhelm and debilitating fears. There will be practical work and solutions for you to put into practice at home.

Loss and Grief – This can be loss of a loved one or of something in your life. Loss goes through several stages and we can become stuck in one phase, often for years, eventually affecting all other aspects of life.

Trauma/Shock/childhood abuse – The devastating nature of trauma or shock cannot be overestimated, even if it did occur many years, even decades ago, to your unconscious mind it can seem as if it happened yesterday. My approach is quite gentle and we work through the issue in a way that seeks to avoid re-traumatising you during the session as much as possible. However, it will still be extremely emotional and I recommend making sure that you have support in your personal life as you undergo treatment. The relief of dealing with this issue though will be quite profound and should help you feel as if you are taking back control again.

Feeling blocked or stuck – Are there projects or life changes you wish to make (i.e. career, business, health, well-being, body, relationship) but you feel as if you’ve hit a wall? Perhaps you already do a lot of inner work and feel like you’ve hit a wall or that fear is stopping you from going further?

Personal growth/childhood issues – these are more like a series of regular classic therapy sessions but using contemporary techniques that clear emotions, old programming and beliefs as they arise in order to more rapidly progress through your issues. How often you schedule the sessions is up to you, they could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or simply when you feel you need extra help if you work on yourself alone.

Spiritual Crisis – You may be going though what feels like a classic “dark night of the soul” or it could be a crisis of faith. Perhaps you feel blocked in your spiritual progress, or that there are energetic blocks you can’t get a handle on. I also do work with protection, boundaries, increasing personal power, clearing (such as clearing attachments and others energy) and expanding the energy field. Although I have my own spiritual practice I have no interest in trying to convert or persuade anyone to follow anything other than their own beliefs!

Low confidence and self worth – There may be many emotions, unhelpful beliefs and mental programmes running in your mind keeping you stuck in low self confidence and self worth issues. When working with this not only would we be seeking to eradicate what has led to this but to install new states of confidence and self worth.

My Background

I have over thirty years experience in the mind, body spirit industry as a therapist (bodywork, healing, emotional release and change-work therapy) and as a teacher (personal and spiritual development, aromatherapy and massage, meditation and mindfulness).

Over the decades I have trained in many different modalities and my sessions are an amalgamation of all I have been experienced. This includes but is not limited to, Hypnotherapy, EmoTrance, Meridian Based Therapies, Theta Healing, NLP and Digging methods, Somatic Experiencing, Past Life Therapy and Ancestral work.

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