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I am based in Linlithgow, near Edinburgh, sessions at the moment are online via Zoom or Messenger, if you have any questions please feel free to email or phone.

Are you struggling to cope or feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps stress has become relentless or anxiety has taken hold?

Or perhaps despite years of inner work you still feel as if there is something missing? A lack of self love or self confidence, a feeling that there’s more to life or maybe a feeling of being blocked or stuck?

You are not alone; I have worked through many issues, trauma, anxiety and have gone very, very deep in my quest for personal freedom – within myself and with countless clients. As a result what I offer is a deeply transformative body of work honed from thirty years of dedicated therapeutic and spiritual training and therapeutic experience.

Below are some specific issues, more detailed explanations can be found further down the page:

  • Stress, overwhelm, fears, difficulty coping, anxiety
  • Loss and Grief
  • Trauma
  • Shadow-work
  • Feeling blocked
  • Personal growth, childhood issues
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Confidence issues

To book a session please pay below and then email me to set up an appointment, you can let me know if you would prefer the session to be via Messenger or Zoom, or in person if you live nearby (Linlithgow). Once I receive your email I will send you a consultation form to fill in so I have some background on your issue, if there are some elements you prefer to keep private that is perfectly ok. Email at or via the contact page. The first session may last up to 90 minutes as we get to know each other. There is no obligation to book another session after this one.

Therapy Session

Pre-payment online therapy session


Hours of Business

My hours are currently very flexible due to the lockdown.

Anxiety – this condition is all too prevalent today but it is treatable and there is hope. There are often some very specific reasons for why this anxiety arose in the first place and when we deal with this it starts to unwind. This is a process that takes time as you would imagine so I would recommend 4 – 6 sessions to make a difference. I also give you exercises and techniques to use at home to further eradicate anxiety (I would email you these so you have a backup). I have a fairly pro-active approach to anxiety – talk therapy barely makes a dent on this issue! – as a lot of what you experience is actually physical in nature, understanding what is going on makes it easier and less frightening to tackle the anxiety head on.

Stress, overwhelm, fears, difficulty coping – These sessions would be a mixture of therapy and coaching as often the solutions are practical and involve lifestyle changes when stress and overwhelm are the issue. I include fears here as these can build up and become debilitating as a result of stress, trauma, loss or the impact of big changes in life.

Loss and Grief – This can be loss of a loved one or of something in your life, sometimes one can just feel grief and a sense of loss or of having been abandoned for no discernable reason.

Trauma – this could be fairly recent trauma or shock or loss, or perhaps trauma from many years ago now coming to the surface. The devastating nature of trauma, shock or huge loss cannot be overestimated, even if it did occur many years, even decades ago – to your unconscious mind time is meaningless. My approach is quite gentle and we work through the trauma in a way that seeks to avoid re-traumatising you during the session as much as possible. However, it will still be extremely emotional and I recommend making sure that you have support in your personal life as you undergo treatment. The relief of dealing with this issue though will be quite profound and should help you feel as if you are taking back control again.

Shadow-work – I use the Debbie Ford model of Shadow-work, a fascinating approach to deep work on the self. The shadow is all the parts of self we reject out of shame, fear or disapproval, it is the parts we try to keep hidden in case they horrify, annoy or disgust others; it is also the parts of us we buried years ago in response to events. The shadow is positive and negative, light and dark, we often bury or refuse to own many of our positive traits as well, usually out of fear. The problem with this (and we all go through life with many shadow parts!) is that these parts take on a life of their own, they either control our behaviour or are frequently projected back to us through others behaviour that we criticise or admire. In shadow-work we deal with these traits by accepting them and ourself for having them, we then, if needed, look for the gift in that shadow trait. The beauty of this work is that it enables a deep level of self acceptance and freedom within yourself. If you are struggling with a lack of self acceptance and self confidence, if there are things you’ve done you find unforgivable or if you find you are living a very small version of yourself and know that there is more then you will find shadow-work to be immensely rewarding.

Feeling blocked – Do you already do a lot of inner work and feel like you’ve hit a wall or that fear is stopping you from going further? Perhaps there are projects or life changes you want to make but feel stuck? Or maybe you have your own definition of feeling blocked and feel you need some help dismantling what is stuck?

Personal growth/childhood issues – These are more like a series of regular classic therapy sessions but using contemporary techniques that clear emotions as they arise in order to more rapidly progress through issues for greater personal freedom. How often you schedule the sessions is up to you, could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or when you feel you need extra help if you work on yourself alone.

Spiritual Crisis – This covers a lot, it could be you are going though what feels like a classic “dark night of the soul”, perhaps you feel blocked in your spiritual progress, or perhaps there are energetic blocks you can’t get a handle on. I also do work with protection, bounderies, increasing personal power, clearing and expanding the energy field. Although I have my own spiritual practice I have no interest in trying to convert or persuade anyone to follow anything other than their own beliefs!

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