Basking in the Practice of Loving Kindness

Carrying on from the self healing theme of last weeks post, Despair, Overwhelm and Loss, this week I am exploring the Buddhist practice of Loving Kindness, of blessing another with thoughts of goodwill. When unable to process uncomfortable feelings many people find that the practice of Loving Kindness brings relief. This is because as empathicContinue reading “Basking in the Practice of Loving Kindness”

Spirituality, Gum Infections and Half Price Therapy

Since deciding on the 1st of January this year (2020) that I would go back into the alternative field of therapy and teaching (after almost three decades in this field I’d decided to have a couple of years break). I have gone through several internal changes about what exactly it is I wish to do.Continue reading “Spirituality, Gum Infections and Half Price Therapy”