Day 10 – Stress, Fear and the Body

For more info about this post please go to This post takes about 4 mins to read. Most people are now aware of the fight or flight stress response and the fact that something or other happens in the body when this response is engaged! However I don’t think many people are really awareContinue reading “Day 10 – Stress, Fear and the Body”

Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?

I have finally completed and published the paperback book!! And my brain is very very tired… Writing the thing was actually quite easy, pleasant even, all the post writing stuff you have to do, not so much. A lot of technical bit’s and pieces, not really difficult in it’s own right, simply tedious and eventuallyContinue reading “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?”

Breathe for Health

Breathing, something we tend to take for granted until it becomes difficult or we experience the healing power of guided breathwork. These days I’m sure most people who have had the most basic introduction to well-being, through being helped to combat stress or within health and fitness classes have experienced the power of conscious breathing.Continue reading “Breathe for Health”