Day 19 – Is Meditation Difficult?

For more info about this series please go to This post takes 2-3 minutes to read and the meditation is whatever you choose. When we feel agitated, unfocused or upset it can seem difficult if not impossible to meditate but often this is when it’s the most productive. If you can’t settle down to meditate it’s notContinue reading “Day 19 – Is Meditation Difficult?”

Day 12 – Loving Kindness

For more info about this series please go to This post takes 2-3 mins to read and the meditation is 19 minutes long. Yesterday was the end of Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021, this first started in 1995 as a Random Acts of Kindness Day in Denver and has now grown globally toContinue reading “Day 12 – Loving Kindness”

Day 2 – Peaceful Guided Meditation

For more info about the 28 Days of Peace and Well-being go here – This post takes less than a minute to read and the downloadable meditation is 20 minutes long. The above picture is a bit tongue in cheek – I’m sure many of us would wish to be abroad, in warm sunshine,Continue reading “Day 2 – Peaceful Guided Meditation”