Day 1 – 28 Days To Being Peaceful

For an overview of the 28 Days, please go here This post – Day 1 – takes about 3 minutes to read and the exercise about 5 minutes. Have you made New Year’s resolutions that have fallen by the wayside? Perhaps you have an incessant inner commentary on everything you should be doing? OrContinue reading “Day 1 – 28 Days To Being Peaceful”

Guided Meditation on Loving Kindness

Below is a twenty minute guide through the practice of loving kindness. For more information about this beautiful and deeply restorative practice that is also an act of service please see my previous post on Loving Kindness. Downloadable Loving Kindness Meditation:

Guided Meditation on Re-creating Our Reality

This meditation compliments my last post about recreating our inner reality. Through a guided process of being the witness to yourself and journeying to the Higher Realms to call upon help you can release all aspects, across all levels of being about a problem you wish to let go of. From here you can askContinue reading “Guided Meditation on Re-creating Our Reality”

Re-Creating Our Reality

This post is about the getting to the most basic state needed to change the reality we find ourself living in. I’m sure most people reading this have by now at least heard of The Secret or The Law of Attraction so this is not a rehash of these ideas. Most who are very familiarContinue reading “Re-Creating Our Reality”

Guided Audios for Making a Decision

See the last post ‘Decisions’ for more information about decision making, this post is just to offer you two guided journeys through the decision making process. The first one is a six minute exercise on noticing what is going on within you – emotions and body sensations centered around the heart – when you stateContinue reading “Guided Audios for Making a Decision”

The Military Method

How to sleep the way soldiers are taught – the art of sleeping anywhere or no matter what is going on! And yes the above photo is slightly tongue in cheek – I don’t really want to post pictures of the military… A friend of mine recently mentioned that he’d learnt to use The MilitaryContinue reading “The Military Method”

Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?

I have finally completed and published the paperback book!! And my brain is very very tired… Writing the thing was actually quite easy, pleasant even, all the post writing stuff you have to do, not so much. A lot of technical bit’s and pieces, not really difficult in it’s own right, simply tedious and eventuallyContinue reading “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?”