Day 28 – I AM Peace

I wanted to record a guided meditation on deep peacefulness for the last post in this series but have decided to postpone this for now. The reason is that my voice is off. I’m well in myself so I think it’s the result of all the detoxification stuff that I’m doing. I started to recordContinue reading “Day 28 – I AM Peace”

Day 27 – Staying Peaceful

If you’ve read all the posts so far on being peaceful, thank you and I hope you have discovered a deeper level of peace within yourself. I have enjoyed writing this series and one part in particular has had an affect on me and a resolve to take it much further, that is this week’sContinue reading “Day 27 – Staying Peaceful”

Day 26 – Finding Peace

There’s nothing new to do today! There’s been a lot of information and exercises this section so all I’m posting today is encouragement for any action you’ve decided to take. Whether that’s choosing to look at the way you talk to yourself about being relaxed and peaceful or taking action on a health, fitness, homeContinue reading “Day 26 – Finding Peace”

Day 21 – Being Still

For more info about this series please go to This post takes a minute to read and the exercise is of your choice. This is the last post of the mind segment of 28 Days to Being Peaceful and it’s a short one. If you wish to, all there is to do today is focus on theContinue reading “Day 21 – Being Still”

Day 16 – Clearing The Mind

For more info about this series please go to This post takes less than a minute to read and the meditation is 17 minutes long. Today’s post is just a suggestion to sit in meditation with the intention of clearing the mind and bringing in a sense of peacefulness.You could do this through a favourite meditation ofContinue reading “Day 16 – Clearing The Mind”

Day 13 – Gratitude

For more info about this series please go to This post takes about 2 minutes to read and the exercise as long as you wish. Few inner activities lift our spirits in the profound way that gratitude does. The practice of gratitude is one of grace; it will bring into your life, manifest, moreContinue reading “Day 13 – Gratitude”

Day 3 – Walking With Awareness

For more info about the 28 Days please go here – Time to read this post- about 2-3 minutes, time to do today’s suggestion – as long as you like! I took the above picture on the 1st of January – it makes me feel cold just looking at it but I remain beyondContinue reading “Day 3 – Walking With Awareness”

From Stress To Inner Peace

Starting on Wednesday the 10th of February I am posting for 28 days a series that addresses stress, worry, an underlying anxiety about where we are on this rapidly changing planet. From distress to a sense of deep inner peace will be the theme. Have you found like many of us a tendency to compulsivelyContinue reading “From Stress To Inner Peace”

Basking in the Practice of Loving Kindness

Carrying on from the self healing theme of last weeks post, Despair, Overwhelm and Loss, this week I am exploring the Buddhist practice of Loving Kindness, of blessing another with thoughts of goodwill. When unable to process uncomfortable feelings many people find that the practice of Loving Kindness brings relief. This is because as empathicContinue reading “Basking in the Practice of Loving Kindness”