Stress Management

Is your workforce struggling to cope? Staff morale down? Perhaps conflict is an issue? Or negativity? Less productivity? Whether the stress being experienced is work or home based the solutions are the same.

Stress management aims to take the participants from stressed and confused to more relaxed individuals with a clearer idea of why they are suffering and how to implement techniques that lead to greater calm and general well-being.

All sessions are based on groups of 5-20 people and include brief but clear written instructions.

Single Session – 1 to 2 Hours: Depending on session length participants may be invited to think about an area of life that stress impacts the most and acknowledge where they may feel out of control. Simple introductory strategies will then be suggested, some of them practiced and the session will finish with a guided relaxation.

Courses – Two to Ten Weeks: A course lasting more than 5 weeks would also include evaluation forms to monitor any changes made, physically, mentally and emotionally. A course will allow for a deeper exploration of all the ways stress affects our lives, how to combat this and begin reversing any damage that has occurred so far.

Full or Half Day: Would suit away days/weekends and well-being events. A chance to go into stress management and solutions for reducing stress and implementing change more thoroughly. If it’s short breakaway sessions you are interested in then the the emphasis would be on simple relaxation with a few tips for managing stress in the moment.

Regular Ongoing Sessions – 30 to 60 minutes: These are shorter sessions with more of an emphasis on relaxation.

Depending on type of session or how long a course is for, stress management training may include the following.

  • Different forms of breath-work for in the moment and for deeper relaxation
  • An evaluation of where and how stress affects you
  • How stress affects us physically and how to begin reversing the damage that may have been done
  • How food and lack of certain nutrients affect our mood and mental state
  • Quick simple techniques based on Chinese Medicine that impact the body in powerfully positive and healthy ways
  • A longer course will cover the nine areas of life and our satisfaction, or lack of, with each of these areas. The higher the satisfaction the lower our stress. Where appropriate we will look at ways to improve or make a difference to these areas.
  • Therapeutic techniques to combat or manage emotional distress such as feelings of anxiety and fear, out of control anger and irritation, low mood, sadness, guilt etc.
  • How to move from one task to the next with a clearer mind
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Stilling the mind of overthinking, worry, negative self talk and judgement of others
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