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There are a number of options you can choose for your staff or group; a single relaxation session, regular short sessions, a course that lasts anything from two to ten weeks or perhaps a half or full day.

Single session – 45 minutes to two hours In this session the group will be taken through basic relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle release and breath-work. However, the emphasis in relaxation sessions is less about teaching and more about experiencing what it is to relax deeply through the power of suggestion and guided imagery.

CoursesTwo to Ten Weeks Whilst the emphasis will still be on the experience of relaxation, in a course we can cover in a little more detail the impact stress and tension has on the body and how simple techniques can begin to reverse any damage done. Each week will build on what was covered the week before by introducing something new and going over the basics until all participants feel confident abut using them in their daily life. There will be room for questions, difficulties and feedback.

Regular Ongoing Sessions – 30 – 60 minutes These are a drop in based session that are a regular occurrence with your staff or group. They can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. These sessions are pure guided relaxation; unless they are an hour long in which case there is time for a brief run through of basic relaxation techniques. These kind of sessions also allow for brief initial discussion of how everyone has been feeling that week and I can then customize that days session towards a theme that suits the group.

Full or Half Day This is designed for events such as away weekends or well-being days. If it’s to be the same group of people for the whole event there would be more teaching involved and the course would more closely resemble a stress management seminar. However, there would still be several relaxation sessions and an overall emphasis on simply letting go. Or it could be repeating small sessions for different groups of people depending on the event.

Please find below some of the topics included in these sessions – the detail covered in each case would depend on length or type of course:

  • Progressive muscle release
  • Soothing guided journeys that cover in an indirect way feelings of fear, anxiousness, low self confidence and self worth, hopelessness, mental overload, sadness and feeling uprooted/uncertain and more.
  • Yoga Nidra – a form of muscle relaxation through a simple focus on each body part – useful for sleep and over active mind difficulties
  • How stress affects the body – short and long term effects
  • What exactly is anxiety? – An explanation that reassures sufferers that they are not loosing their mind and that it is possible to manage your anxiety
  • How to slow down thoughts and mental chatter
  • How to begin the process of stopping debilitating negative thinking
  • Bring a sense of calm order into your life by taking a practical look at home environment, relationships that are draining, work life, unhelpful habits etc. and looking at simple ways to make small changes that may inspire bigger transformation

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