In the workplace or via zoom

Based on ancient Buddhist practices but now with extensive, scientifically proven benefits. Studies have shown that a mindfulness practicing workforce enjoys an improvement in staff moral leading to less sick leave and increase in work productivity.

For the individual the benefits of mindfulness include a clearer mind, reduction in stress, greater control over debilitating emotions and over states such as anxiety and depression, better quality sleep, pain reduction and increased general well-being.

All sessions are based on groups of 5-20 people and include brief but clear written instructions.

Single Session – 1 to 2 Hours: Introduction to Mindfulness. A mixture of theory and deeply relaxing practice that leaves participants with a clear idea of how to incorporate these techniques into everyday life.

Courses – Three to Eight Weeks: Courses allow for a more in depth exploration of what mindfulness is and the chance for the practice to sink in and truly be of benefit. We cover each part of mindfulness more fully and participants can discuss any difficulties they have with the practice in their daily life. Each session is usually 1 hour.

Regular Ongoing Sessions – 30 to 60 minutes: These are meditation sessions aimed solely at a regular practice, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. An ongoing resource that builds a regular practice of mindfulness.

Full or Half Day: This format suits away weekends/days and well-being events. If the full session is with the same group of people throughout then as with the courses a more in depth exploration of mindfulness is covered. Or it can comprise of a number of small breakout sessions as part of a bigger event.

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