Based on ancient Buddhist practices, now with scientifically proven proven benefits, studies have shown that a workforce that practices mindfulness has less days off due to sickness, an improvement in staff moral and an increase in work productivity. Some of the benefits include:

  • Clearer more alert mental function
  • Reduction in stress
  • Decreased depressive symptoms
  • Greater control over debilitating emotions and states such anxiety and depression
  • Better quality sleep
  • Increase in general well-being
  • Diminish pain

Please see below the options offered for your staff or group. All sessions are based on groups of 5 – 25 people. Each session comes with clear written instructions for participants to take home with them. Please contact me for more details and fees.

Single Sessions – 1 to 2 Hours: This introductory session would introduce the participants to the theory and practice of mindfulness, the techniques used cover breathing, stilling mental chatter, calming emotions and a noticing of the senses to come into the present moment. As each part is demonstrated and practiced an explanation of the benefits will be given including room for questions.

Courses – Two to Ten Weeks: Courses allow for a more in depth exploration of what mindfulness is, the theory and the growing evidence based knowledge behind it and a deeper practice for the participants. We cover each part of mindfulness more fully and participants can discuss any difficulties they have with the practice in their daily life, or even just a difficulty beginning a practice! Each session can be 30 to 90 minutes.

Full or Half Day: This format suits away weekends/days and well-being events. If the full session is with the same group of people throughout then as with the courses a more in depth exploration of mindfulness is covered. Or it can comprise of a number of small breakout sessions as part of a bigger event.

Regular Ongoing Sessions – 30 to 60 minutes: These could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. An ongoing resource with your staff or group that builds a regular practice of mindfulness meditation for enhanced well-being in mind and body.

Here is a simple, one minute, mindfulness exercise to try if you wish, read through it first, then: 1. Without moving, close your eyes and mentally scan your body.

2. Are you perhaps clenching your jaw, tensing shoulders, sitting uncomfortably, breathing in a shallow way, holding your belly tight etc.

3. Take a deep breath in, from the belly up then let the breath go with a sigh as you relax any parts of the body you are holding onto.

4. Now make any physical adjustments you need to make.

5. Take another deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.

This simple exercise practiced whenever you remember throughout the day not only relaxes you in the moment but begins to entrain your mind to come into a greater awareness of how the body is being held outwith your conscious awareness. This begins to instill a greater awareness of where you are at any moment before chronic conditions such as backache, neck problems and extreme tension set in.

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