Linlithgow Meditation Group

A donation based, drop-in group focused around meditation and some personal growth work.

The Covid outbreak disrupted the start of this group, I will start up again when it’s safe to do so, in the meantime if you have any questions contact me via the contact page or facebook. I look forward to meeting you!

I am beginning this group in my home, in Linlithgow, for two reasons, the personal one is that I enjoy facilitating a group (and haven’t done this since I moved from Edinburgh two years ago) that is more informal and opens up to a more creative way of conducting meditation and personal growth – all based on what is needed by the group each time we meet. The second reason is to set up a group in West Lothian that is affordable for anyone who may be struggling with life, stress or personal troubles at the moment and who may wish perhaps to meet up with like minded people.

Open to complete beginners and experienced meditators.

In this group we explore a variety of topics and meditations in a practical way, you will not be asked to share anything personal, it is not a discussion group though there will be a brief part at the beginning of each session to share how you have been the past week and how you would like to feel. This often forms the basis of what happens that evening if the group is in agreement. Sometimes I will steer the group in a certain way if it seems as if a deeper exploration of certain topics is called for. This could be anything from dealing with anxiety and emotional turmoil to abundance and reality perception!

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Mindfulness, Insight Meditation, How to Meditate
  • Creating Abundance
  • Dealing with anxiety, mild depression and stress
  • How to deal with with emotions
  • Energy Medicine for health
  • Clearing energy, clearing space and self protection
  • Deep relaxation journeys and exercises
  • Guided journeys for relaxation and to change our inner landscape
  • Increasing self confidence, self esteem and self love
  • And more…

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