Tech Frustration And Too Much To Do!

It’s been another long gap since my last post… I have been busy continuing to create an online course and also attending courses. However, what has taken up time recently is making a start on the promotion process – the bit that makes me groan to be honest. I love creating things and I amContinue reading “Tech Frustration And Too Much To Do!”

Help and Input Needed!

Yet again I haven’t posted anything for ages. This time it’s because I’ve had a few projects on the go, the main one was the revising of my book, Why Does Stress Make Us Ill? I wanted to add two more chapters and also take into account the impact covid and lockdown has had onContinue reading “Help and Input Needed!”

Supplements and Going Off diet

On Easter Sunday I shared a meal with some friends, I had three glasses of wine, cakes made entirely from refined produce, normal chocolate and a very rich veggie lasagna (full of white pasta and dairy!) All delicious of course but the next two days I felt so tired and headachy… It’s always fascinating toContinue reading “Supplements and Going Off diet”

How I’m Healing Candida Physically

In the last post I wrote about the emotional causes of candida overgrowth, and while looking at that is key to a full recovery we cannot overlook diet. In the next couple of posts I will cover what I’ve been doing physically but as there’s no shortage of info about food out there I willContinue reading “How I’m Healing Candida Physically”

Emotional Causes Of Candida

Candida overgrowth, caused by unbalanced gut flora, leads to the condition of candidiasis. As the candida albicans yeast grows out of control it begins to make it’s way through the gut walls (leaky gut syndrome), invades the blood cells and makes it’s way into several systems and organs of the body. If we merely takeContinue reading “Emotional Causes Of Candida”

Do Most Of Us Have Candidiasis?

Candida overgrowth, sigh… This has been an issue I have had, I now realise, for probably a couple of decades with a few respite periods. There are many symptoms of candidiasis and because I have no serious health concerns I have ignored the on and off niggling little things like background fatigue, bloating, brain fogContinue reading “Do Most Of Us Have Candidiasis?”

Detox and Parasites

A few times during the 28 Days of Peacefulness series I mentioned that I’d embarked on a lengthy physical cleansing process and that I’d write about it after the series was completed. So here it is. I will write updates about my progress and information on what I am doing and why I’m doing thisContinue reading “Detox and Parasites”


This last post before Christmas is about the breath. Such a simple thing, a process we take for granted until something goes wrong… With a little more attention on the breath the results can be profound, I mentioned breathing in the post on lung health and today am going to focus on breath itself. WhenContinue reading “Breathing”

Opening Up To The New Light Waves

In my last post I mentioned I’d say more about the energies pouring into Earth and humanity at this time. I said something about a Lions Gate, apologies for this, I have corrected it now, the Lions Gate Portal was in August this year; as mentioned also I never find December easy and as aContinue reading “Opening Up To The New Light Waves”

Healthy Lungs and Energy Medicine

I’ve not uploaded a post for a few weeks partly as I’ve been busy with other stuff but mostly as I’ve not felt inspired or particularly creative. This is a lesson for me in forward planning I think, in that I need to write a few posts at a time for those weeks when, forContinue reading “Healthy Lungs and Energy Medicine”