Day 28 – I AM Peace

I wanted to record a guided meditation on deep peacefulness for the last post in this series but have decided to postpone this for now. The reason is that my voice is off. I’m well in myself so I think it’s the result of all the detoxification stuff that I’m doing. I started to record something and my voice sounded either croaky or weak…

Instead, I’ve included some of the affirmations I was going to incorporate into the meditation. These affirmations have been made in the spirit of using conscious language more fully. And at the risk of repeating myself on this subject do try this way of using words on other aspects of your life, the sentences below can be altered to fit whatever you have a concern about or a desire to manifest.

Our consciousness is everything; it is our most valuable commodity, the more we elevate consciousness and feel this the more power our words have and the more influence we have over our life. One way of doing this is to use I AM statements whenever affirming a positive, and if saying something negative being careful in the use of I am or I’m. Or more subtly the use of the word “not”. An example I could use with the word “not” regarding spirituality is the classic use of the statement “I have a mind but I am not the mind” to deepen healthy detachment. I was meditating on this a couple of years ago and realised it just felt wrong. Though if someone is a beginner to meditation and the act of quieting the mind it’s a good starting point as it usually will throw a question into how much we revere the mind and believe what it’s telling us. There are a few of these forms of statements in classic spirituality that could do with an overhaul… The reason is that we are halfway through the process of metamorphosis into a new paradigm and this requires new ways of thought, the re-examination of what we are saying and doing that no longer serves us in an expansive or uplifting way and certainly does not serve being peaceful.

In case you’re wondering what I did with the above statement as a meditation, I changed it to “I have a mind but I AM so much more than the mind”. Which I find has a more expansive affect as opposed to the effect of curtailing expansion. Again all I can do is suggest you play around with statements you usually make and notice whatever arises as a result.

So now to end with some affirmations for peacefulness:

“I choose to Be peaceful. I choose my peace”.

“I AM peaceful. I AM Peace”.

“My peacefulness is ever-present. My peace is eternal”.

“The peace I AM at my core is unwavering and unshakeable”.

“The peacefulness I AM is always here, now, in each present moment”.

And if you wish to centre yourself within the heart and say these words to yourself – “From the deep core of Peace that I AM, I radiate Peace throughout every cell of my body, through every layer of my Being. I feel Peace, I embody Peace, I AM Peace”.

Day 27 – Staying Peaceful

If you’ve read all the posts so far on being peaceful, thank you and I hope you have discovered a deeper level of peace within yourself. I have enjoyed writing this series and one part in particular has had an affect on me and a resolve to take it much further, that is this week’s posts on the way we use language (see Days 24 and 25). I have played around with words a lot more these past few days and made more impact within myself around the way I set goals and intentions or use affirmations. It’s been quite eye opening to observe that despite years of knowing the power of how to use words as a way of self motivation I still use them in a way that’s lacklustre. I have been inspired this week by a reading a book called Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson Stevens, I’d come across his work before but hadn’t delved into it in any significant way. I’d recommend his book if interested in this topic.

As we are nearing the end of this series I thought I’d just recap this week’s posts. As noted above language is immensely important in the way we go through life so I’d highly recommend looking at that more – Day 24 –

Also of importance is the energy within and around us we often overlook, the energy we may be absorbing from something or someone outside of our self that may be affecting the way we feel and even think. The link to that post is here –

And the energetic systems within our bodies, when these are unbalanced or cease to flow in harmoniuos ways ill health and low energy can be the result – Day 23 –

Paying attention to any of this, but especially the energy medicine exercises from the video on Day 23 is highly recommended and can make a significant different to your health and experience of life.

See you tomorrow for the last post in this series!

Day 26 – Finding Peace

There’s nothing new to do today! There’s been a lot of information and exercises this section so all I’m posting today is encouragement for any action you’ve decided to take. Whether that’s choosing to look at the way you talk to yourself about being relaxed and peaceful or taking action on a health, fitness, home improvement, work or any other goal.

So, well done for whatever you are doing to improve the way you feel!

And here’s a quote by Eckhart Tolle:

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level”.

Day 25 – Taking The Fear Out Of Action

Yesterday’s post looked at taking action from the beginning point of first getting clear then observing the language we use around our statements of intent and in general conversation.

Today I’d like to look at the actual doing bit of taking action and any fear that may arise and cause self sabotage. What can you do today, now if possible, to begin, to make a start? If there’s confusion or a blank then maybe research is needed through an online search or book purchase in order to outline a plan, this can be fun and energising. Or the confusion could be an indication that the actual thought of taking action now is a shock. Your language around your intent will give you a clue as to which; if the language has been vague or contains words that indicate lack or failure then that action may never get taken or it will be half hearted. Of necessity here I am condensing a large subject into a couple of small posts but I hope that if you have been struggling with feeling stuck it provides a starting point. (I’m also available online in a therapist/coach capacity if you feel very stuck!)

Before I outline an exercise for releasing fear specifically related to taking action I want to say a little more about language. Our self talk is one way of keeping the potential swirling mass of emotion at bay around certain aspects of our life. One key to accessing exactly what is going on is through our use of language or specific wording, there are several ways of doing this, methods that use questions for instance, but in this post I am continuing with yesterday’s subject. This involves no questions just statements. We can use, as illustrated yesterday, statements in a different way to make our intentions more clear and positive but we can also use this to elicit emotions that may be a barrier to what we wish to have. For instance I mentioned vagueness yesterday, if we change to being specific we get more real with our self.

Let’s take being peaceful as an example; if you were going through a period of anxiety, stress or overwhelm and wished for something different the kind of wording that would most likely come up around being peaceful would be “I want to be peaceful” or “I need more peace in my life”. As mentioned yesterday this does nothing, merely re-enforces the lack of peacefulness at this time. Say these two statements out loud and see how it feels for yourself – don’t just take my word for it!

Now play around with the following statements and see what happens. “I choose to be peaceful”. “I choose my peace/my peacefulness”. ” I have my peace/my peacefulness”. These statements not only make your subconscious mind search for the peacefulness that is already there but if it’s so deeply buried it can’t be found a response or reaction to the above will make itself felt, this response will be a clue as to why the peacefulness can’t be found. Why is this? The reason is that you, first of all are making a choice, introducing the idea of possibility, but then by inserting the word “my” you are taking ownership of your own unique experience and inherent knowing of peace. You have gotten very specific and your internal self has to react. It will react with a lessening of tension, with relief or with painful feelings. Whatever reaction you experience is good as it brings you closer to your authentic self. Play around with these types of wording with something that is personal to you right now, with the key emphasis on specificity.

Another example of vagueness and one that covers up deep emotion is the use of what could be termed grandiose wording. I use the following examples to illustrate this but of course this could be applicable to any personal subject, what may be causing distress, discomfort or is a question to you right now? The examples are – “I want to help everyone”. ” I want to find my purpose and serve the world/humanity/the light etc.” These statements are actually quite empty as there is nothing for the subconscious mind to hook onto – in other words, the statement is made and does not quite register as a statement of intent, it disappears. Yet these, on the surface are of course legitimate concerns, who wouldn’t want to know that they were on purpose and being of help or service? I have observed over the years, decades even, sadly, that people who make the above assertions regularly never find out what that purpose is or what form of help is needed. If the wording and intent become extremely specific then not only does purpose and unique skills become apparent but instead of asking what your purpose is you find you are actually doing it.

Perhaps by playing around with language some feelings have arison, if fear is present about a goal that you have then try the following simple exercise as a way of directly contacting the fear and through the following way of working through it come to a place of knowing about what action is needed.

Heart based exercise for processing fear around taking action:

  • Take a couple of deep breaths and place your hand on your heart – this brings attention into the heart and body.
  • Focus your attention in the present moment
  • As you think about your intention/desire ask – “what am I afraid of?”
  • Continue to direct the questioning to your heart as you ask – “if I weren’t afraid what would I do”?
  • This allows the heart to respond to you as you move through the fear. What this means is as you allow yourself to feel and breathe through the fear, the innate wisdom or knowing that is within you will provide answers.

Taking Action

  • Make a note of these answers as soon as this exercise is completed and from this determine what your first action step, today, will be.
  • No matter how small, take some form of action everyday if possible and imagine what can be achieved by this incremental movement towards your intent.
  • When fear arises, or any emotion, repeat the above exercise or first acknowledge the emotion and release it. Again resist the impulse to push the emotion away or ignore it – this denial of what’s there is what has caused the non-action in the first place!

Day 24 – The Magic Of Language

Today’s post begins with a revisit of Day 1 of this series, that is the act of coming into the present moment, into the heart and asking “what do I really want right now”. But this time asking that question about your life. Is there something in your life that either requires a decision or needs action to be taken? And as a consequence of that non-action, disturbing your peace? If the answer to this is no then be very grateful for that!

If the answer is yes then read on. If it’s a stalemate due to non decisiveness then at the foot of this post I have included audios on making a decision.

If you know what you wish to do and non action is the problem then I would suggest first coming into the heart and asking, is this truly what I desire? Action will first stem from being clear about your intentions, not just about exactly what that intention is and why you desire this but all the reactions around it, what may be preventing forward movement. As I’ve mentioned before feeling fear over a possible course of action is not a reason to not do it! Set the fear to one side and ask about the rightness of what needs to be done. In fact most emotional responses are usually not a reason to not take action. For instance I am about to embark on a completely sugar free (this means zero sweet things, fruit included) diet as part of my ongoing detox. I know this is needed and if I respected the feelings of deprivation and mild misery I feel at the prospect I wouldn’t do it! In fact these feelings are absolutely a good reason alone to do this diet as I am letting myself be controlled by food…

So, to begin, take a deep breath, close your eyes and bring the attention down into your heart. Are there aspects of your life you wish to change, that you would like to take action on? Now ask yourself, when I think about these areas of my life what disturbs my peace the most or what makes me feel the most uncomfortable? Stay with the uncomfortable one. What are your usual thoughts, the language you use about this? Like most of us perhaps you tend to start from the negative? Using myself as an example again, I tend to mostly say “I need to cut out sugar, I have such a sweet tooth”. Very inspiring, not… Instead I’m changing this to “I choose to be radiantly and joyfully healthy”.

The point here is about using language consciously, we may say “I want more money/a relationship/to be slim/to be healthy/to be calm/successful etc. etc. The problem here is wording. Using the word “want” is an affirmation of lack. It’s like an instruction to the subconscious to continue giving you what you already have. The other problem is vagueness, such as “Yeah, I need to start…” Nothing will ever happen if our decision to take action is prefaced with this wording . So two basic considerations if we keep making vague, non specific statements with lack words such as want or need is to become aware of what we are saying. This will take time, I’ve known about languaging for decades but can still be dreadful in general conversation and alone with myself at weeding out self sabotaging statements. At the least, figure out what you do wish to have or to be and then formulate statements that contain only positive, present moment language and uses words such as choose, have, my and I am.


“I want to be successful”, “I need to earn more money”. The words, “want” and “need” imply lack. Instead try “I am successful”, “I have success”, “I choose prosperity/abundance/wealth”. The wording to use is always whatever feels good to you. If the mind then says but I don’t have this or I’m not that resist the impulse to fight it or admonish yourself, instead fully acknowledge the objections with acceptance, treat the mind as if it’s a small child making lovable mistakes with language as they learn how to talk.

“I want/need to begin losing weight – everything about this sentence is dreadful and guarantees zero weight-loss – the words want, need and losing are negative, lack words, “weight” in this case is an affirmation, “begin” = never will. Instead the sentence could be, “I choose to be slim/thin”. “I now easily eat a healthy diet for my optimum size/weight”, and as you say this visualise what that is, if you can’t bring a visual of your own body imagine yourself putting clothes on in the size you wish to be.

These examples are quite wide ones but I hope you get the general drift, you can hone it down to specific desires using the positive language choices. Play around with this, using what your wish is, state “I want or I need…” and notice how that feels. Now substitute this for “I have…”, “I have my…”, “I choose…”, “I choose my…”, and “I am…” Use the phrasing that makes you feel a little lift in the heart.

This post has been about the language in relation to taking action but of course you could apply this way of talking to everything. Language is very misused in the world, to an appalling degree. There is actually a level of what could almost be termed sickness, at the heart of Western language and when this is studied/observed to any degree will become increasingly apparent. I hope this post at least opens your eyes a little more to how you can use language to enrich your own life. Tomorrow I outline a simple exercise for overcoming fear about taking action.

`The following audios are two different exercises for making a decision. The first is heart and body based – noticing reactions to the options you have. The second is a guided meditative journey that utilises help from your guides and information from your subconscious mind.


Day 23 – Vitality

Continuing on the theme of energy today’s post is about enhancing or regaining your vitality. This is as much a part of being peaceful as performing relaxation and meditation. Being peaceful is not a passive or low in energy state, rather it’s the knowing that peace is always there under the surface not only no matter what else is going on but of being aware of your vital nature as part of that peacefulness.

When we are aware of a deep sense of peacefulness it’s actually quite a energising feeling, we tend to take in a deep breath, smile, feel uplifted, happier, feel a little more motivated. Have you ever felt just blah or low in energy and been aware of peacefulness at the same time? I doubt it. Even when very low or depressed, no energy to do anything there is a form of agitation below that. Next time you do feel low, when your mood is dragging, sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe into it with the question “What’s really here”. If you go beneath the surface you will find some form of agitation or turmoil or even anxiety. When we fully engage with an emotion, no matter how seemingly painful, something in us energises or comes alive.

The two videos below are of Donna Eden, someone I’ve mentioned before as I think she’s remarkable. Donna Eden has taken vast amounts of knowledge about the various energy systems of the body and condensed them into workable solutions for health and well-being that anyone can use, regardless of mobility or current state of health. I’ve certainly found some of her techniques invaluable over the past couple of decades.

The first video is a short, 4 minute, interview that’s a useful background to who she is and how rapidly energy medicine can work. The second video is a daily routine that need take no more than 5 minutes to perform (video is 9 minutes) that will make a sizable difference to your health, energy levels and mood. One of the exercises is even another form of energetic protection.

Tomorrow I will begin with the basics of taking action on what you desire next in life and in the meantime I hope you enjoy these videos!

Day 22 – Other People’s Energy

The final segment of this 28 day series on being peaceful is about energy awareness and taking action. To start I’d like to revisit a topic I wrote about last year and that is of making sure our bodies and energy systems are clear of energy that is not ours. Many people are diligent about this but a surprising – to me anyway! – amount of spiritual seekers neglect this as part of a routine for setting ourselves up for the day. Just as our own fields and various bodies are interconnected so we as a species are interconnected, when in a room with others our energy fields overlap and mingle, this is usually how we can perceive the atmosphere of a room, or know how another is feeling, or even thinking. This does not mean we automatically absorb their stuff though.

There are many reasons for why we pick up another’s energy, it depends on how sensitive we are, the state we may be in at any given moment, what we resonate with in another, how much we are in agreement with another to even being a little under their “spell”. The more our own field is unprotected the more susceptible we will be to energy outwith self; if very tired, take drugs or drink a lot, are going through a phase of ill health or are very agitated with a lot of distorted/”negative” thoughts and feelings we can be more open to energies not our own. It also depends on the person who’s energy we absorb – this is a more complex subject and one I’d rather go into in more depth in another post. And this is just from people! There is the energy from places and objects and also of course electromagnetic frequencies – these are what I’m most affected by now, and probably many others without being aware of just how detrimental to health and well-being EM frequencies are.

As you can tell by the above, by no means exhaustive, list a lot of us do need not just protection but more importantly clearing of the field regularly. To me the clearing bit is the most important as no matter how protected we are if we resonate with someone else’s issues or thought forms, or we are more connected to that person we can pick up their stuff. Of course there are people who just aren’t prone to any of this at all, unfortunately I’m not one of them. I have a daily practice of clearing and protecting myself and feel off if I don’t. I am also aware that I will get to a point where I do not need to do this; when we reach a certain level of being in a state of Love or fully embodied within our Christed nature distorted energy will pass through without sticking.

As to the clearing of energy there are two aspects, there is an almost impersonal amount of stuff we pick up from being around people and places, this you let go of without a second thought, without wasting time on who it’s from or what it is etc. The second aspect is more personal, this is where something gets stuck or repeats far too much to be generalised, this could be stuff we have had in our field for years, sometimes decades, as it becomes part of an energetic entanglement to do with a personal issue or may be part of a relationship dynamic that’s ongoing.

Here are some general ways to clear and protect and included at the foot of this post a recording that guides you through this process.


One of the most powerful and effective tools is The Violet Flame. Call this forth formally with words such as (there are many ways to call it in, you may already have your own wording or just instinctively know what words to use) “I call forth the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation. Violet Flame blaze within, throughout and around me, transmuting and consuming all discordant and misqualified (“negative” in old language!) energy that I may have absorbed from anyone, anything or anywhere I have been in contact with”. See, visualise, this burning through your body and aura.

Another clearing tool is pure white light, call in white light from whomever or wherever you wish to call it from and see it flooding and cleansing your entire being.

Another way to clear energy that you know is specifically from another is to say, “In the name of God (or whatever is meaningful to you) I release all misqualified energy I have absorbed from …. and send it back to them with love”. As responsible people we never send back energy in the form it came. If you work with energy and know how to re-qualify it then transmute it and send it back as such. For instance, I send back any energy that has been directed towards me qualified as pure Christ Consciousness in the form of gold light – and yes I am aware when judgement and anger are directed towards me!


Ask that white, sapphire blue, gold, or diamond like crystalline light pours through you, through every cell and every particle, through all layers of your being until it forms a seamless oval field of protection around your aura. Ask also that this pours through and around your home.

You can ask for protection from Archangel Michael, visualise his sword in front, to the sides, the back, above and below you, forming a fiery, blue field of protection.

Ask your own guardians, Angels etc. for daily protection.

There are many ways to protect and clear yourself and these are a just a few to start you off if you are new to this or to add to what you already do perhaps. There is a lot more to this subject and I will go into other aspects of what can become buried in our fields another time!

If this practice is new to you all I can suggest is try it for a few days and see how you feel. When I first started doing this in the 90’s I couldn’t believe the difference it made and also could not believe how affected I was by some people’s energy. Someone else had to clear it for me at first until I learnt how to do this for myself. I remember two occasions, first was when I was in a group of people and was feeling extremely disconnected, as if I was fading away; someone else in the group noticed something weird in my field, cleared it for me and in a few minutes it’s as if I came back to reality. Another time I was feeling as if I was coming down with the flu, as I’d now experienced and tried these methods out a few times I had an instinct I wasn’t actually unwell, I sent the energy back to where I suspected it came from and within half an hour felt completely well again.

I recount these two incidents to illustrate that not all conditions we find ourselves suffering from are our own or even “real”. I have so many stories of feeling off, wierd or unwell and after some energetic work felt completely normal again, within at the most an hour of the therapy, clearing or healing that I’ve just undergone.


Day 21 – Being Still

For more info about this series please go to This post takes a minute to read and the exercise is of your choice.

This is the last post of the mind segment of 28 Days to Being Peaceful and it’s a short one. If you wish to, all there is to do today is focus on the concept of stillness, what is it like to have a mind that is still?

Sit with this for a few minutes, perhaps say to yourself, “My mind is still” and observe what arises, what thoughts, questions, feelings, visualisations, self concepts rise up? See if you can simply acknowledge what arises then let it go and come back to “My mind is still”.

If you find you need more help then just repeat one of the exercises or meditations of the past few days. Perhaps try a few of the quieting the mind tips, the My Truth Is… exercise or one of the meditations from this week, please find links below to these.


Day 20 – Tips For Quieting The Mind

For more info about this series please go to This post takes 3-4 minutes to read.

Today’s post is a series of tips on how to quieten the mind in meditation, relaxation, going to sleep and in everyday life. Some will be useful some will not! Try them all if you wish; it’s difficult to really know if something will work unless we experience it as fully as possible.

Allow the body to become quiet: Discipling a very active mind that has been like this for years, or decades through trying to control the thoughts is extremely difficult. It can make more sense to begin by disciplining the body, becoming more mindful of your physical habits – go by the adage of “how we do one thing is how we do everything”. Some ways in which we can practice this are to speak less; aim for 50% less. By doing this you begin to choose your words more carefully eliminating unnecessary fillers and making conversation because you feel you have to. Make less movement with the body, this is not about moving or exercising less it’s more about unnecessary “efforting”. For instance if a lot of effort is put into merely standing up perhaps try Alexander Technique or a yoga class. The side effect of these practices is that you will have more energy… Notice tendencies to moan and groan when performing a task or getting out of bed in the morning, at the very least move yourself into neutral. All these small movements towards quietness of being have a significant impact on the mind. Remember everything is interrelated.

Following are tips for sitting in meditation/relaxation or for quieting the mind for sleep.

Relax the mouth and tongue: When we have a lot of internal chatter and persistent thoughts we tend to sub-vocalise; this is when our tongue continues working as if we are actually talking out loud even when we are just thinking. When we open our mouth slightly this slows sub-vocalisation and we find it more difficult to think, or at least to think quickly and coherently. To do this, open your mouth fully, stretch the mouth and jaw muscles for a few seconds to release surface tension then almost but not quite, close the mouth, leave a small gap and allow the lips to relax fully.

Picture an endless sky: Think of a vast, blue sky, imagine this sky filling up your mind. When thoughts arise see how small they are against the backdrop of the sky. Or you may prefer to think of a night sky filled with stars where your thoughts melt away into the vast darkness or shoot away like a star.

Detachment: Say to yourself “I have thoughts but I am so much more than my thoughts”. (This statement can be worth meditating on in itself when we have begun to experience the mental stillness or expansion that comes with a regular practice)

Mental imagery: See thoughts as energy that have shape or are actual things such as butterflies, birds or clouds. Actually picture the words or letters of your thoughts as, say, butterflies; watch them lose colour and fade to grey then flutter away. If imagining them as clouds then perhaps see them drift into the distance, dissipate and disappear. Play around with images until you find you can do this instantly each time you are distracted by thoughts.

Bringing the mind back to now: Picture yourself standing on a bridge above a railway line. When you find your mind has become distracted see the thoughts as a train that has travelled away from you. Simply bring your mind back to where you are standing on the solidity of this bridge in this present moment.

Mental commands: When a worrying thought appears say a word such as “delete”, “stop”, or “cancel, clear”, if you need to do more, imagine the words being washed away by a shower of water, a beam of light or a flash/explosion of light or fire from the centre of the thought.

Quantum Entrainment Method: Ask yourself “Where does my next thought come from?” Watch for the thought arising. You’ll likely find that all thoughts just disappear, that nothing is there, even if just for a second. When we’re not used to even a second of nothing this is remarkable – and restful!

Do a reality check: When anxious our minds often take a leap into catastrophe and very negative thinking. The mind is creative and powerful and often tells stories that aren’t true. When you have a very fearful or angry thought, ask yourself, “Is this absolutely true?” Breathe deeply as you are asking yourself this, as if you are breathing out the thoughts and the emotions below the thoughts.

Release the critic: When trying to meditate agitation will often give rise to self-critical thoughts. A simple question: Do the judgements about self make you more or less anxious? The answer is almost always, more. When you notice the self-criticism, interrupt this by stating firmly, “May I be kinder to myself.”

Find a Mantra: Many meditation disciplines involve a mantra (Transcendental Meditation, TM, being the most well known), usually this is a phrase in Sanskrit. You can of course take the mother of all mantras – the Om/Aum sound or take a positive word in English. Allow this mantra to fill your mind. Do whatever appeals, remembering that this can change whenever you want.

Mudras: Another Indian Yogic practice is a to adopt a mudra, these are hand and finger positions utilising electrical impulses and energy conduits within the body, similar to the meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many mudras for different states of being and specific mudras that accompany certain mantras. There is a wealth of information online, in books and in yoga classes if interested in this subject.

Finally, and most importantly, please be kind to yourself. If it’s difficult to switch off or to concentrate simply accept this. In fact just being with the difficulty without trying to change it is mindful meditation in essence.

Day 19 – Is Meditation Difficult?

For more info about this series please go to This post takes 2-3 minutes to read and the meditation is whatever you choose.

When we feel agitated, unfocused or upset it can seem difficult if not impossible to meditate but often this is when it’s the most productive. If you can’t settle down to meditate it’s not because you are unable to or that there’s a deficiency somewhere, it’s merely because what you are experiencing is something you’ve not yet learnt how to deal with. It’s almost like learning the basics of a language academically and getting frustrated when you don’t know how to hold a conversation with a native speaker in a slightly different dialect!

There are many, many ways to meditate and all of them will lead to deep peace when persevered with but only a few of these forms of meditation will actually be ideal for you. Spend some time with each one that you are drawn to and this is the point, try different ways of meditating, learn nuances from one that you wouldn’t get from another. There’s often a lack of teaching on the hows of meditation, a lack of practical advice – as if that’s cheating somehow?!

If you have a lot going on in your life – either externally or internally – then it will probably be a lot more productive to simply try relaxation techniques instead of meditation. All the audios I have done contain relaxation protocols making them a lot easier to do and relax into.

If even relaxation is difficult this is usually because there is too much going on that needs to be dealt with, this is the reason why, in a series of posts about peacefulness, that I have spent a fair amount of time on the basics of release. On facing and clearing what’s going on under the surface that would prevent peacefulness, or even just preventing a full blown breakdown if there’s too much going on in your life or too much stuff is coming up to the surface.

We are, obviously, going through very uncertain times, the world will never be the same again and that is a good thing but it doesn’t necessarily mean the transition will be easy. The only thing we truly have control over is our inner world and that begins with finding some semblance of peacefulness. So, in the spirit of the very first post in this series, what do you want right now; right now in this moment? Acknowledge this, take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax into whatever is here right now.

If agitated try the My Truth Is… exercise or the release of uncomfortable feelings meditation. If you simply wish to relax and detach a little then I have included below The Witness Meditation again. Below that is the dealing with overwhelm and painful feelings audio if you wish to revisit that.

Tomorrow I will post some general tips for quieting the mind that can be used at the beginning of a meditation practice.