Guided Audios for Making a Decision

See the last post ‘Decisions’ for more information about decision making, this post is just to offer you two guided journeys through the decision making process. The first one is a six minute exercise on noticing what is going on within you – emotions and body sensations centered around the heart – when you stateContinue reading “Guided Audios for Making a Decision”


Over the past week I’ve had so many ideas swirling round my head for writing – my next blog post and the book I’m currently working on – that I couldn’t think clearly about any of them, and instead frittered away hours scrolling through social media… I was planning to have a post out twoContinue reading “Decisions”

Heart Coherence and Our Health

The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the body, it produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. It used to be thought that the brain was the largest electromagnetic field in the body but research into heart health over the past three decades has shown thisContinue reading “Heart Coherence and Our Health”

Spirituality, Gum Infections and Half Price Therapy

Since deciding on the 1st of January this year (2020) that I would go back into the alternative field of therapy and teaching (after almost three decades in this field I’d decided to have a couple of years break). I have gone through several internal changes about what exactly it is I wish to do.Continue reading “Spirituality, Gum Infections and Half Price Therapy”

Why Does Stress Make Us Ill? Part Two

I thought I’d do a couple of posts writing about personal anecdotes of ill health in myself, the relation to some form of stress and how we can help the healing process in ourselves. This first post is about a very obvious link to strain, stress and physical distress, the next post will be aboutContinue reading “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill? Part Two”

The Military Method

How to sleep the way soldiers are taught – the art of sleeping anywhere or no matter what is going on! And yes the above photo is slightly tongue in cheek – I don’t really want to post pictures of the military… A friend of mine recently mentioned that he’d learnt to use The MilitaryContinue reading “The Military Method”

Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?

I have finally completed and published the paperback book!! And my brain is very very tired… Writing the thing was actually quite easy, pleasant even, all the post writing stuff you have to do, not so much. A lot of technical bit’s and pieces, not really difficult in it’s own right, simply tedious and eventuallyContinue reading “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?”

Buzzing Thoughts and River Walks

I have mentioned that I’m finishing off a book on stress and anxiety a couple of times in recent posts, well I’m pleased and quite excited to announce that the Kindle version is now available on Amazon! See link below. I will do a fuller post about the book when the paperback is available. AsContinue reading “Buzzing Thoughts and River Walks”

Breathe for Health

Breathing, something we tend to take for granted until it becomes difficult or we experience the healing power of guided breathwork. These days I’m sure most people who have had the most basic introduction to well-being, through being helped to combat stress or within health and fitness classes have experienced the power of conscious breathing.Continue reading “Breathe for Health”