Opening Up To The New Light Waves

In my last post I mentioned I’d say more about the energies pouring into Earth and humanity at this time. I said something about a Lions Gate, apologies for this, I have corrected it now, the Lions Gate Portal was in August this year; as mentioned also I never find December easy and as aContinue reading “Opening Up To The New Light Waves”

Healthy Lungs and Energy Medicine

I’ve not uploaded a post for a few weeks partly as I’ve been busy with other stuff but mostly as I’ve not felt inspired or particularly creative. This is a lesson for me in forward planning I think, in that I need to write a few posts at a time for those weeks when, forContinue reading “Healthy Lungs and Energy Medicine”

Guided Meditation on Loving Kindness

Below is a twenty minute guide through the practice of loving kindness. For more information about this beautiful and deeply restorative practice that is also an act of service please see my previous post on Loving Kindness. Downloadable Loving Kindness Meditation:

Basking in the Practice of Loving Kindness

Carrying on from the self healing theme of last weeks post, Despair, Overwhelm and Loss, this week I am exploring the Buddhist practice of Loving Kindness, of blessing another with thoughts of goodwill. When unable to process uncomfortable feelings many people find that the practice of Loving Kindness brings relief. This is because as empathicContinue reading “Basking in the Practice of Loving Kindness”

Despair, Overwhelm and Loss

That we are living in increasingly uncertain times is an understatement, as is the fact that daily, many people are facing situations in their personal lives they could not have imagined at the start of this year. This post is for all who are facing despair over finances, loss of loved ones or a certainContinue reading “Despair, Overwhelm and Loss”

Guided Meditation on Re-creating Our Reality

This meditation compliments my last post about recreating our inner reality. Through a guided process of being the witness to yourself and journeying to the Higher Realms to call upon help you can release all aspects, across all levels of being about a problem you wish to let go of. From here you can askContinue reading “Guided Meditation on Re-creating Our Reality”

Re-Creating Our Reality

This post is about the getting to the most basic state needed to change the reality we find ourself living in. I’m sure most people reading this have by now at least heard of The Secret or The Law of Attraction so this is not a rehash of these ideas. Most who are very familiarContinue reading “Re-Creating Our Reality”

The Witness

When we practice being the witness to ourself we create space for what’s within to come to the surface and be cleared. It is about learning to be detached from the drama of our reactions to life. We still feel the emotion that arises and allow the thoughts to flow, this is not about suppressionContinue reading “The Witness”

Choices – How to Make Tiny Decisions For Long Term Benefit

My last two posts where about big decisions and included a couple of ways to help make a potentially life changing decision. In today’s post I wanted to write about the small things we decide on a daily, even hourly basis. The little choices added up that will have a potentially longer and more profoundContinue reading “Choices – How to Make Tiny Decisions For Long Term Benefit”