Day 5 – Make Eating as Pleasurable as Possible!

For more info on the 28 Days please go here Today’s post takes 2 minutes to read and the action needn’t take any extra time, just awareness. Did anyone get chocolates today? If no chocolates were received from another perhaps lovingly treat yourself to your favourites! Today’s post is about mindful eating, about slowingContinue reading “Day 5 – Make Eating as Pleasurable as Possible!”

Day 4 – A Good Nights Sleep

For more info about this series 28 Days to Peace and Well-being please go to: This post takes about 3-4 minutes to read and the audio (20 mins) at the foot of the post is best listened to as you fall asleep so needn’t take up extra time during the day. I’m sure IContinue reading “Day 4 – A Good Nights Sleep”

Day 3 – Walking With Awareness

For more info about the 28 Days please go here – Time to read this post- about 2-3 minutes, time to do today’s suggestion – as long as you like! I took the above picture on the 1st of January – it makes me feel cold just looking at it but I remain beyondContinue reading “Day 3 – Walking With Awareness”

Day 2 – Peaceful Guided Meditation

For more info about the 28 Days of Peace and Well-being go here – This post takes less than a minute to read and the downloadable meditation is 20 minutes long. The above picture is a bit tongue in cheek – I’m sure many of us would wish to be abroad, in warm sunshine,Continue reading “Day 2 – Peaceful Guided Meditation”

Day 1 – 28 Days To Being Peaceful

For an overview of the 28 Days, please go here This post – Day 1 – takes about 3 minutes to read and the exercise about 5 minutes. Have you made New Year’s resolutions that have fallen by the wayside? Perhaps you have an incessant inner commentary on everything you should be doing? OrContinue reading “Day 1 – 28 Days To Being Peaceful”

From Stress To Inner Peace

Starting on Wednesday the 10th of February I am posting for 28 days a series that addresses stress, worry, an underlying anxiety about where we are on this rapidly changing planet. From distress to a sense of deep inner peace will be the theme. Have you found like many of us a tendency to compulsivelyContinue reading “From Stress To Inner Peace”

What Goes Out Comes Back

This post is about the frequency or vibration we emanate in any given moment, I said in an earlier post that I would go much further into the concept of how we create what we create in life and this is a continuation of that. Frequency/vibration is made up of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions andContinue reading “What Goes Out Comes Back”


This last post before Christmas is about the breath. Such a simple thing, a process we take for granted until something goes wrong… With a little more attention on the breath the results can be profound, I mentioned breathing in the post on lung health and today am going to focus on breath itself. WhenContinue reading “Breathing”

Clearing and Protection

Everything is connected and humans could be likened to living, breathing transceivers – some more sensitive or potent than others! Of course when we are in a highly positive state emanating light and loving feelings then it’s unlikely we need protection and clearing; when we feel fear, anger or misery then we may need toContinue reading “Clearing and Protection”