The Game Changer

In 2009 I attended a talk by Jenny Johnstone about Theta Healing and was so intrigued I bought the book and signed up for the course that evening. I can’t remember feeling that excited about any therapeutic modality before or since.

Other than Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction I have not done much therapeutic training in anything other than Theta since as nothing has come close to what this has given me and the depth it has added to my tool kit.

For me the only thing Theta Healing lacks is what I would call the visceral part of personal growth. Those issues or memories that need our conscious participation to fully heal. The stuff that needs to be felt! This I could already do; what was lacking was something that went way beyond the physical, and this lifetime.

So what is Theta Healing?

It was developed by Vianna Stibal, a naturopath and healer from Montana. It is a form of spiritual psychology that through learning how to go a higher bandwidth or realm, beyond form, we ask that limiting belief programs are pulled (cleared).

When we practice this we are able to very quickly enter the brain wave state of Theta (hence the name). On a few occasions when I was working with other healers or therapists who knew nothing about Theta Healing but were very sensitive to energy they would give me feedback about where I was or what was happening in my higher Chakras. More aware or more sensitive to energy than I, I was often astonished at what they – unsolicitated – reported back to me!

What I was drawn to in Theta Healing is the range of healing or change-work possible. Despite it’s name this is not a lying on a massage table being healed modality (I had enough training in that!). It is more akin to a counseling session in that the issue in question is discussed and some gentle digging work is done to get to the potential root belief of the issue. Our deepest beliefs and thought programs hold us in limiting patterns of feeling, behaviors and life circumstances. I have found also that when a certain belief is pulled emotions that may have been locked in place will release. Sometimes immediately or later that day.

Past lives, genetics and collective consciousness

The real gift in Theta though is not just the belief clearing in itself – there are of course plenty of other belief clearing methods out there. It’s that when we clear a belief in Theta we check if it is also being held on an ancestral, past life or soul level and also if, with that particular belief, we are plugged into the collective consciousness. In other words, are we being swept along with mass human race beliefs and limitations?

If you really think about it, can you get a sense of the unhelpful programs and beliefs running you that have come from your family, peers, culture and the global mind?!

Other “magical” stuff that can be achieved with Theta is the pulling of shock (the precursor to most illness’s), the removal of energy we have picked up or become hooked into that belongs to others we personally know. We can also install/download new, helpful thought patterns. This is particularly useful if someone has never experienced a certain way of being or thinking in their life before.

There is a lot more I could write about Theta but I don’t want to bore you with really long blog posts… If you are interested in learning more I’d recommend Vianna Stibals book on basic Theta Healing.

If you’d like to try a session go here for more details:

Clearing that rage…

If you read my post on EFT ( you may recall I wrote about being unable to get to the bottom of what felt like a bottomless pit of ancient anger. With Theta I finally cleared it.

As Theta Healing deals with energy connected to past lives that may still be affecting us in this life, it became very easy for me to slip in and out of past life memories – it need take no more than a few minutes! In the case of this seemingly unmovable anger it took visiting several past lives in one session to remove a mass of abusive events and injustices that had built up. One session, all the anger just gone! It was actually quite anti-climactic…

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