A Near All Consuming Obsession

Being the fairly geeky person I am regarding therapy and spiritual growth this particular obsession has nothing dark or juicy about it! Nor is it about the guy in the photo! Sorry…

Though it is about what the guy in the photo brought to the world. I am referring to the year (2004 I think) I came across EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and energy psychology. EFT belongs in the category of energy psychology and was developed by the absolutely delightful Gary Craig. He simplified it from something called TFT, Thought Field Therapy. These two modalities use certain acupressure points on the meridians as mapped out in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM it is recognized that not only are the meridians associated with particular organs and systems in the body but each meridian/organ is also connected to specific emotions. By stimulating points along the meridians we can restore proper flow in the body, leading to better health – emotional, mental and physical. TFT and EFT use this system in a simple way to release blocked issues.

Superhuman Immunity

I did a few lots of training in EFT and used it on everything and anything – physical and emotional, most days of the week, for a couple of years. The side effect of that (apart from emotional growth) was that I didn’t have a single viral infection for those 2 years. Working extensively with the meridian system will do that!

If you are interested in trying this for yourself (as Gary Craig often said, he wanted to make it so simple a child could do it) there are many youtube videos on how to do EFT. So I won’t bore you with the details.

I absolutely loved EFT and deeply appreciate all that it did for me, and led me to. However I haven’t used it much for almost ten years – unless someone specifically asks me to. Sometimes I will use it on a physical ailment to boost the immune system. The reason I don’t use it in therapy is that I’ve since found much faster and more thorough ways to release stuff.

EFT will certainly lift a lot of what is going on to a fairly deep level but it doesn’t touch the stuff that spreads across lifetimes, is stored at a soul level, connects to our ancestors or to the collective consciousness – and more!


I realised this was when I was tapping on something I was really angry about and begin to see that the anger was ancient, way beyond Catherine and her life. As I was doing EFT on this cold, hard rage, it felt like I was trying to break down a boulder with a tea spoon. I gave up as it seemed pointless. I really didn’t know how to reach what was there so put it aside with the assumption that something else would come into my life that would reach that place.

Meanwhile I had also trained in another form of energy psychology called EmoTrance which I loved due to it’s slight similarities to the “whatever I’m feeling is ok” way of working in that it is completely somatic in nature. EmoTrance is something I will still use in therapy sessions as it really gets people out of their heads and into the body where all emotions are stored as energy.

When using EmoTrance you think about what is distressing and notice where you feel this in your body, and what that seems to be like, it’s texture, size, shape, colour etc. You then think about that described energy/emotional block dissolving and beginning to move out of the body.

If it’s a bit slow or not moving we use visualisation to dissolve it further, such as seeing water or light or colour to help it soften and flow out of the body. It’s a remarkable way of working and if you wish to read how to really do this I include a chapter on it in my book, see below for link.


We then revisit the emotional pain or distress to see what reaction is left and go through the steps again to clear out what may remain.

Keeping privacy and dignity intact

Both EFT and EmoTrance differ from traditional therapy in that the client does not necessarily have to tell me what they are working on. I think that’s wonderful as many people feel embarrassed or even ashamed of relating past events or trauma so these methods are a way of preserving dignity and privacy.

I have led people through traumatic memories without having a clue as to what they were working on and they felt released and free from the grip that the distressing memory had over them.

If you are struggling with issues and need therapeutic help that does not have to take endless sessions to work through then please contact me for a session. I work via zoom so am available from anywhere in the world! Link below for more info:


3 responses to “A Near All Consuming Obsession”

  1. I loved the EFT you did with me and once I’d learned the technique for myself it was often useful. I think it helped me make better decisions quite often too, and as a fairly impulsive person in my younger days that was gold-dust for me!


  2. Thank you and I’m glad it helped!


  3. […] you read my post on EFT (https://catherinestrang.com/2022/11/21/a-near-all-consuming-obsession/) you may recall I wrote about being unable to get to the bottom of what felt like a bottomless pit […]


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