Six Magic Words – The Core Of My Practice

I recently submitted a short story about a very difficult part of my life (link below) and something I used to help me though it. And how this practice informed the whole way I work as a therapist. After I’d written it I thought I’d do a short series on the different modalities that I’ve trained in over the past 2 or 3 decades. Along with how they have helped me and others transform.

Link to article:

The website it’s on is MINDSTREAM, a Mind, Body, Spirit media company, set up by Liza Horan. For more about Mindstream go here:

If you are experiencing difficulties, stress or anxiety please consider booking a session or a session package with me. I am open to short, and free, consults on zoom if you wish to see if we are the right fit first

Go here for more info –

I will cover energy psychology in the next post – which became a bit obsessive for a couple of years…

3 responses to “Six Magic Words – The Core Of My Practice”

  1. Totally true about when we tune in, to discover that our fears are not so terrifying! “My upcoming class wasn’t exactly life threatening” – that made me laugh as it’s how I feel about Zoom sessions, even though that’s irrational. Next time I’ll try your approach 🙂

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  2. Hannah Park Lusterman Avatar
    Hannah Park Lusterman

    Everyone loves to hear a story, sharing your own experience in this way allowed me to connect to your message a much more meaningful way. Love the impact of the six magic words and how it can be used in different situations in the moment. Thanks for sharing the book I got the audible version. And thanks for sharing the very useful information on dealing and learning what our emotions are telling us..inspiring knowledge which can be used right now in our everyday lives..

    We grow spiritually when we enrich other lives♥️💃🏽🦉


  3. Thank you Hannah! x


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