Sleep And The Flourishing Well

I have written before about the Flourishing Well – a Scotland based charity created by Lorna Cameron who wanted to help others struggling with health or life issues who can’t find the help they need through conventional means. And who can’t afford alternative care.

I did one class with them at the beginning of summer and now with the beginning of Autumn they are starting up online classes again so I will be running regular meditation sessions on a variety of topics. I am very pleased to be part of something that is helping others who may not have the financial means to try out alternative support methods.

The first class I’m facilitating this autumn is on the subject of  achieving deep, rejuvenating sleep.

There will be some discussion about what prevents and what can help good sleep with plenty of simple tips you can implement before you go to bed. The second half of the session is meditation based, this aims to be a hypno-therapeutic journey that soothes you into a peaceful, relaxed state. 

Embedded throughout the meditation are suggestions and affirmations for sleeping well plus a simple protocol that begins with bringing the mind into stillness before going through layers of muscle release and soothing visuals to lull you into sleep.

There will be a few minutes for questions at the end.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this please give it a try – even if you’re broke at the moment you can try us for free! If you can pay then do so knowing you are supporting someone else who is struggling.


7 – 8pm (London time)

Thursday 22nd September

Via zoom – all tickets must be purchased through the link below for your login details.

Purchase your tickets here:

Even if not paying, a ticket must be”purchased” to have access to the zoom link!

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