Just How Important Is Your Sleep? Plus An Audio For Insomnia.

At the bottom of this post is a hypno-therapeutic journey for good sleep from the course Why Am I So Tired?

Good sleep is crucial when it comes to our physical and mental health, and of course our energy levels. Two important factors that take place when we sleep well are autophagy and dreaming. What both of these have in common is that they are clearing mechanisms – one for the body and one for the subconscious.

Physical Health

Autophagy is when our cells clean up toxins, old, damaged  and diseased cells – basically our body’s recycling function. We put this function on hyperdrive when we fast but really good sleep habits enhance this mechanism. This is critical to slowing the ageing process and preventing disease. When the diet is really clean, when we eat less and fast regularly we need a lot less sleep, I believe the reason for this is because the body does not need to spend hours in deep sleep trying to detoxify toxins.

The reason poor circadian rhythms are linked to serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and alzheimer’s is because the process of autophagy is not working properly. The recycling and dismantling of old or diseased cells mostly takes place during deep sleep cycles.

Disrupted Circadian Rhythms

Humans are tied to the movement of the sun – your body has a symphony of hormonal and chemical functions that rely on proper sleep connected to the light cycles of each day. Such as hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite and stress and youth hormones that ensure rejuvenating sleep and health maintenance.

Just getting our eight hours is not enough – it’s the quality and depth that counts if we want to not only have more energy but prevent health issues.

Primary cause of circadian disruption

Not enough daytime light/direct sunlight during the day and too much artificial blue light in the evening when the sun goes down  

Importance of good circadian rhythm on our mitochondria

Is in the production of melatonin within the pineal gland – the melatonin of course helps us to sleep but it also has a very important role in the health of our mitochondria. Not getting good sleep weakens our mitochondria (mitochondria being the primary energy generators within the cells of our body). Melatonin penetrates the mitochondria and helps protect them from damage.

Melatonin is hundreds of times more important for the health of your mitochondria than the most powerful antioxidents such as vitamin C and other nutrients.

Mental Health

Circadian rhythms and good sleep are also important for the health of your neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, gaba and dopamine. When levels of these chemicals are low we are more prone to depression, anxiety, restlessness, poor stress handling, anger issues, and our ability to find joy, meaning and pleasure in life.

In my course on dealing with fatigue there is a whole section on sleep, covering causes of sleep disruption and how to fix them. Until the 16th of August there is 50% off. Please click on the link below now to take advantage of this offer!


Below is just one of several healing meditations or hypno-journeys for health and well-being on this course.

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