Tired? – Boosting The Batteries In Our Cells

On my birthday week I am offering 50% off online courses – I only have one course at the moment but am about to change that! Before I announce new courses I thought I’d do a short series on the single most important factor in our physical body impacting energy levels and also offer the birthday discount.

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So what is the single most important factor in the health, longevity and energy levels within our cells? That would be the mitochondria. 

The mitochondria are the powerhouse within each cell, the batteries if you like.

Mitochondria are to be found in every cell of our body, they are responsible for immune functioning and our ability to fight off disease, they affect muscle growth and functioning, they determine brain health. They also determine how fast or how slowly we age.

Mitochondria are even part of the stress response in the body; when the mitochondria perceive “danger” they make a decision to go into defense mode or to be “at peace” and focus on metabolic processes such as sustained energy, immune functioning and food processing

The root of all physically induced fatigue – whether mild and intermittent or chronic – is mitochondrial impairment.

The reasons why our mitochondria are impaired are many and the solution to repairing them will not be found in conventional medicine. 

The way chronic fatigue is dealt with conventionally is shocking. You are either dismissed as depressed (it is depressing being tired all the time…) or in need of some discipline. The treatment options seem to be a short series of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to alleviate depression and negative thinking. Or you are told to get more exercise – which as anyone suffering from CFS will tell you can end up confining you to bed for a week. Or you may be given suspect drugs which store issues for later as they don’t address the actual problem lurking at the heart of your cells.

There are two main reasons why fatigue occurs.

  1. Stress load. 
  2. Basic personal resilience.

Our stress load could be psychological stress, toxicity – from many sources and on all levels of our being, lack of adequate nutrition, poor sleep, daily pressure – there are of course many more within these basic stresses.

In my fatigue course I go into all the causes in greater detail along with many solutions to bring your body and well-being back on track.

Resilience refers to how well we cope with stress in the first place. This is actually more important than merely avoiding stress, which is of course near impossible!

Our personal level of resilience is determined by our mitochondrial function and I will cover what the mitochondria are in the next post.

Our resilience is key so in order to combat debilitating fatigue and maintain health and youthfulness we need to do all we can to boost mitochondrial function. We then find it easier to adapt to whatever we encounter in life, it doesn’t mean we don’t feel or react to stress, it means we deal with the stress faster and more easily.

Chronic fatigue occurs when resilience is chronically low and one final trigger occurs, tipping you into ongoing fatigue, ill health or mental health issues.

For more detailed solutions please go to the link below – for the following week only this course is £47. The discount ends on 16.8.22.


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