On Making Promo Videos

I’ve recently made a short video as part of the “blurb” about my online course on fatigue. Not pleasant to do.

I’m quite comfortable now with making teaching videos and doing a live class on zoom but anything that feels as if I’m selling something is still uncomfortable and feels inauthentic – even though I am completely genuine about what I’m talking about!

Practice is the key to getting more comfortable with this of course. There is so much to learn regarding presenting, especially in front of a camera, I do want to get more practice with this and also continue to learn as much as I can.

In the meantime here’s a link to the video about the course on dealing with and overcoming fatigue:


As to other courses, I have a few ideas I’m working on; the problem is deciding which one to go with first. I’m not sure whether to start with a course on anxiety and working through fear or one on dealing with “imposter syndrome” (I’m sure I’ve gone through every permutation of this so feel I could really help others). A course on being present as a path to self mastery I aim to do in the autumn.

As soon as I begin one of the above I will post some info on the subject matter itself and on my progress.

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