Below The Turmoil Is Stillness

No matter how external appearances seem to be and no matter what you may be feeling within, the quality of stillness is always here, in this now moment.

I remember coming home after a stressful day and feeling quite anxious about something I had to do the next day, I took a few moments to ask myself what I was feeling, “fear” was the immediate response. I started to breathe into the fear, to be with it as fully as possible. I was astonished to find that within seconds of doing this all I could feel was peace and the fear rapidly dissolved.

This art or practice of becoming more and more present to what is is an act of surrender, without surrender we don’t reach this state of deep peace or stillness. I kind of tripped over this process all those years ago as I began practicing various techniques to just be with whatever was going on.

I think this is a fairly common experience, a kind of beginners mind is present were the ego tends to be absent and the deeper layers are not yet ready to come up. 

This is the subject of this weeks video (and the last in the series on Being Present) – how do we go deeper into meditation and feel deep peace and reach that infinite sense of stillness?

I can’t go fully into it in a 20 minute video but I hope to at least give a taste of what this state feels like. Please click on the link below:

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