Peacefully Witness Conflict – Internally And Externally

At the moment, March 2022, a lot is going on astrologically and energetically that is proving to be difficult and tumultuous for many and not just because of external global events. The energy influxes and astrological movements at the moment are quite difficult and provoking many feelings – overwhelming fatigue, sadness and conflict being the main ones. Apart from increased conflict in the world you may have noticed more conflict personally, perhaps in yourself or in the people around you? I’ve noticed a few people I know having arguments or feeling at odds with others; for myself I’ve experienced irritation and an overwhelming desire to avoid people! I haven’t avoided people but have tried to just step back from the feelings as much as possible.

I go into this a little more in week 6 of the series of Being Present on YouTube. (link further down) This week’s focus is on the mind and how we become more still to whatever is going on within and around us.

Trying to quieten the mind from the perspective of the everyday conscious mind itself is a thankless and arduous task! It becomes a lot easier when we are able to drop down into the heart where we are immediately within the present moment.

This week though I focus solely on the mind and on becoming more present and therefore more peaceful from this perspective. We do this through withdrawing, first to the point in the center of the head. Then we go further out to the higher mind, to the witness, this part of Self will seldom judge anything as good or bad but simply see it all as experience.

As I mentioned it can be very hard work trying to quieten the mind from the perspective of everyday conscious thought. When we are able to step back into this higher aspect of being we are less likely to get embroiled in pain and drama, or at least not stay there for as long as we perhaps used to!

From the higher aspect of being the witness we are also more able to let go of the notion that a peaceful state is what should result when we sit down to do anything meditative.

It is perhaps important to know that we have a mental body and an emotional body and work needs to be done on both – in today’s world they seem to have become merged and a bit chaotic. Also, there’s a perception that feelings are in the mind, they are not, instead they reside in the body and energy systems. 

Feelings and emotions are primarily a somatic not a mental experience. A small amount of emotion is processed, or perhaps observed would be a better word, through the amygdala in the brain, the part of the brain that the heart directly influences. The amygdala is not the source or the repository of the emotions. I would guess that it is through the amygdala that we recognise and can name what we are feeling – this is my observation though and not based on any science I know of! If anyone knows more I’d be delighted to hear from you!

For a direct and relaxing experience of a calm mind please go here

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