Healing From The Sacred Space Of The Heart

In this weeks video on Being Present I explore presence from the perspective of the Sacred Space of the heart. (link to video at foot of this post) Any meditative process that seeks to be more present to what is is always a lot easier from within the heart space. The reason for this is that when we inhabit the heart we immediately become present to the now.

This brings more ease and grace, not just to the process of being present but to life itself. There are so many benefits to being in the heart – I went through a few of those in last weeks post and video about HeartMath and there’s a few more this week. One aspect of going more fully into this space is we begin to dissolve the layers, shields or walls that tend to form around the heart. The layers we build through the process of life, from hurt, heartbreak, disappointment or trauma and we unconsciously believe these walls will shield us from further hurt, pain or disappointment – they don’t!

So although meditating upon the heart will lead to an increased state of peace and ease it may be a little bumpy along the way as we dissolve the layers and feel the emotions trapped there.

The reason I started this being present series with the body, breath and emotions is because the release process that may happen is a lot easier and faster from within the body.

So what is the Sacred Space of the heart and how does it differentiate from HeartMath?

We have so many expressions about the heart from a feeling rather than a biological viewpoint, such as “the heart knows”, “listen to your heart”, “put your heart into it”. Where does this come from? Instinct, experience or perhaps ancient genetic or past life memories.

Indigenous peoples from around the world, Mystery School traditions of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Greece and other cultures, practiced heart based techniques that opened them up to higher guidance and a sense of unity with all that is. For thousands of years what we now know about the heart through science was known to these ancient cultures.

The sacred space of the heart meditation explores the heart from the spiritual perspective; this is where we can contact higher aspects of self, experience Being without the confines of time space and instead inhabit a realm that could be described as quantum – there is no time, space or physicality. Contacting the divinity of self and the higher realms is a lot easier and more fluid from this space. It does take a few tries though, when I first did this meditation about 15 years ago, through Drunvalo Melchizedec’s work, I came up blank. Basically because I didn’t understand what I was doing! HeartMath was a lot easier so I went back to that.

Heart based living

We’ve all heard the phrase, live from the heart but how do we actually do that? When we practice heart based techniques, higher quality emotions naturally arise and become part of how we interact with self and others, qualities such as kindness, compassion, integrity, honor, patience, gratitude, courage, love and peace. 

The more we are here the more we bypass left brained thinking and instead begin to flow through our life.

Sacred Space of the Heart Meditation

As it’s easier to be led through this process rather than by reading instructions on how to do it, please click on the link below.


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