Peace Or Fear, Love Or War

As the world continues to promote fear about current events – covid, now Russia. What’s next, climate change? Do we help, in any way, by feeling fear, or by becoming distressed about the suffering we hear about? Perhaps if we focused within, came into the heart and felt compassion instead of sympathy and distress, peace instead of fear, events would actually shift.

So many studies and reports have shown that when a critical mass of people get together and focus on peace, radical change occurs in the world. Those of us who have been in the healing field for many years know this but it’s still all too easy to fall prey to fear, condemnation and a sense of hopelessness.

The solution is inner peace. This is not a form of selfishness, instead it is the discipline needed to bring about effective change. To be peaceful in apparently unpeaceful surroundings is to be in control of ones self. The powers that be that absolutely do not want an awakened, sovereign people are frightened of this. It’s a threat, far more than picking up a weapon and going to fight – this adds to the pain, suffering, fear and rage. And so it goes on.

The beautiful thing is is that there is so much good in the world, all that is needed to create an abundant, clean and peaceful world already exists. The structures and knowledge are ready and waiting for the vast majority of the population of the world to wake up and choose this instead of continuing on the hamster wheel of lack, stress and fear, of believing that the “authority” of state has our best interests at heart.

How do we do this? By withdrawing our attention from the news and from world events other than if you feel called to help or donate. Stop feeding the monster – either way. This goes for mainstream media and government propaganda as well any fear mongering of the alternative press. The next step is to locate fear within yourself and work to release this or choose to change this state to a more peaceful one.

My Being Present video series this week has a practice for doing this, for shifting negative emotions to positive. This is easier than you think when we practice this from within the heart, everything shifts more easily and quickly from this space. The link is below.

Join a global meditation

Another very valuable step is to join in with a like minded movement or group; feeling part of a community with a common aim is very nourishing and helps one know they are a part of something bigger. There are many groups and people around the world who lead meditations and movements for peace, consider joining at least one. A couple I like are The Quakers who are leading a focus for peace at 5pm every day. 5pm local to you so this becomes a 24 hour a day meditation.

One I join in with is the Sandra Walter group who meditate 3X every Sunday (for the past six years) with a focus on unity, love, peace and raising consciousness. There are many thousands of people on this one. Here’s the link –

Both of these are offline, simply join in at the stated times wherever you are (Sandra’s will be dependent on your time zone – here in the UK you can tune in at 1pm, 4pm or 7pm).

Let’s all take a deep breath and focus on what you wish to see in the world.

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