Deep Weariness and Melancholia – Are You Experiencing This?

Due to events seen and unseen in the world this passage of time we are going through – from mid November to the December Solstice – is difficult, perhaps outright painful. We are being shaken up even more and anyone who is more than normally sensitive will be feeling this. I am daily struggling with the energies of the world at the moment, it feels a little like wading through treacle soup as humanity is going through another massive purge.

The seen part of the pain humanity is going through at the moment is of course the ever increasing amount of restriction and control we are undergoing. Everyone is having to deal with uncertainty as we wonder what will unfold next. Whatever side of the fence you are on the fact is we are in uncertain times and this can be either frightening, confusing, enraging or just plain painful as you may be restricted from seeing people you love. This period of time, as the old continues to crumble, was never going to be easy. Thankfully, over the past few decades we have had a wealth of increasing information pouring into the world letting us know how to navigate the coming times with more ease. There are so many ways in which we can empower ourselves towards increased inner peace and more profound healing.

Every December is a powerful month spiritually and I have written about this before but this year in particular may be the most intense yet with the recent and future eclipses, intense astrological placements, an increase in Light and regular mass global meditations focused on increasing all that is positive. These do make a massive difference; studies from as far back as the 70’s show the effects, such as a decrease in crime for instance, when groups of people meditate on their surrounding or on specifically targeted areas. Whatever positivity you direct out into the world, please know that you are making and have made a difference.

We have a solar eclipse on the 3/4th of December in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of freedom, truth and travel. It will be interesting to see what unfolds! There is also a kind of mass purging going on, again, similar to last year when emotional pain was heightened at this time. What this purging seems to be highlighting is a sense of loss, which will be felt as sadness, emotional weariness or melancholia to use a more old fashioned term.

Also this time last year I recorded a meditation to help those badly afflicted by all they are going through so will add it here again. If you wish to download it please click on the 3 vertical dots to the right.


The most exhausting thing you can do through this is to try and fight or deny what you are feeling. Instead, take care of the physical body as much as possible, eat well, take immune boosting supplements, rest properly. I’m finding my body is needing a lot of care at the moment so am taking extra supplements and doing some energy medicine protocols. Relax and breathe deeply, breath through your emotions, meditate, listen to the audio above or do a HeartMath meditation (link below) and know that this time will pass. Also, make sure you stay in touch with people, chat, have light conversations and be kind.

I am going to begin a series of fortnightly live sessions, which will remain on youtube for people to revisit. These will be on the subject of being present to what is in the most healing way possible. Each session will be on a different theme – until all themes are exhausted and I will see what comes up next! I will give more details soon.

HeartMath Meditation – strengthens heart, immune and nervous system, soothes the mind and emotions.

One response to “Deep Weariness and Melancholia – Are You Experiencing This?”

  1. I well remember December 2018 and how I struggled with the darkness of the winter solstice. With an eclipse too it will feel strange. I remember that year I tuned into the December planet, Saturn and faced the melancholy through black paintings! Very jolly 🙂 it did help though, along with the things you describe – meditating, facing the feelings. Thanks again for a meaningful post X


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