How Do You Know If You’ve Slept Deeply?

Carrying on with the fatigue theme we cannot look at tiredness without of course considering sleep quality.

Good quality sleep rests on completing the whole sleep cycle. If going through a period of greater stress, reaching the deep stages of sleep is usually unlikely. If this is prolonged then obviously exhaustion will result to some degree, followed by an increasing lack of balance in body and mind.

Stages of sleep

Stage 1 – Very light sleep – the period in which you begin to doze.

Stage 2 – Light sleep – a period of rapid brain activity where your heart rate slows and temperature drops.

Stage 3 – Transitional – between light and deep where the brain begins to experience the slower delta waves.

Stage 4 – Deep sleep, (also referred to as Delta sleep) – the delta waves now dominate, if you are awakened by something external you are very groggy.

Stage 5 – REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and dreaming sleep – brain becomes active again with the dream state but the muscles and body relax – this is the stage where the healing and repair work of the body takes place, it is also needed for psychological well-being as the dream state sifts, sorts and processes the activity of the day.

Importance of dreaming for deep sleep

When you wake up knowing you have been dreaming you can rest assured that your sleep has been deep. There’s no need to recall the dream, just a vague sense that you have dreamt is enough.

There are many solutions for good sleep and I go through how to implement them in the course on fatigue. I think however that one of the biggest causes of sleep issues in today’s world is harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies, the more we can cut down or eliminate EMF’s from the bedroom the better. A beginning point would be switching WiFi off at night and putting your mobile on airplane mode. Another easy fix is to try sleeping on an Earthing sheet or mat.

Guided sleep meditation

Below is a downloadable audio from the my online course “Why Am I So Tired?”. On this course which has ten videos on all aspects of fatigue I have also recorded nine meditations and the following is one of them.


I’m about to record a short video talking about the course and will provide a link to this in a couple of days time.

Published by Catherine Strang

I have been passionate about health and well-being since my teenage years when a health problem prompted me to use diet to regain my strength. By the end of the 80's I was working as a chef in a Rudolf Steiner based vegetarian cafe in Edinburgh and this led me (through working with some very alternatives types!) to pursue a career as a massage therapist and healer, which I began in 1990. Since then I have trained in many different forms of therapy, including Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EmoTrance (a form of deeply mindful emotional processing). I retired completely from bodywork in 2017 and at present only occasionally work as a 1:1 therapist. My focus now is teaching and I have been doing this since 1991 when I taught Aromatherapy and massage courses for the Edinburgh Council Adult Education Programme, by the time I finished these courses in 2000 I had also taught aromatherapy/massage sessions across Edinburgh in Community Centers, Health Projects and a variety of other non profit organisations. By this time however I was beginning to develop Stress Management and later Meditation and personal development courses/sessions and was including corporate settings as well as private teaching events. The list of places I have taught in is extensive and over the past three decades I've no doubt forgotten quite a few! I am dedicated to personal development, health and meditation and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each session. I am well aware of the struggles, often hidden from work colleagues, that many go through during the course of their life and endeavor always to be kind, non-intrusive and in a work setting discreet.

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