Food, Stress And Being Tired

We live in an increasingly toxic world – toxins in our food, packaging, water, environment, medication… Add to this a deficiency of essential nutrients contributing to general tiredness, ill health and very often mental and emotional health issues.

We unfortunately have to work harder than ever just to maintain reasonably good health. So what are some of the basics?

Water, a cleaner diet, manage stress, do whatever you can to relax regularly and also regular detoxification of the toxins we take in. In this post I’m covering diet and water – in the context of stress and fatigue, what we ingest has a a very potent effect not just on tiredness but also on how well we actually deal with mental and emotional stress.


We do need to drink more water these days, the reason for this is an increase in stress in general and stress has a dehydrating effect on the body. We also need more water to help the body eliminate toxins. The recommended intake is 2 litres a day though this will vary from person to person. The only way to know if our water intake is sufficient is to observe our urine! It should be a pale straw colour, darker than this, you need more water. If it’s colourless you’re drinking too much water.

Our water table is contaminated from the chemicals seeping in from several environmental factors, add to this the chemicals added to water to make it safe and it makes sense to invest in a water filter. Apart from a reduction in toxins filtered water tastes nicer too!


There is no one size fits all with diet so the following guidelines about everyday diet are very simple and common sense.

Also make eating a pleasure as much as possible, don’t continue eating something you find repulsive just because you think it will be good for you. If your eating habits have gotten unhealthily out of control then aim for steady, slow but permanent change. 

The key points to a healthier diet for health and energy:

  • As fresh, organic, cooked from scratch as possible
  • Mostly plant based
  • As much wholefood as possible
  • Avoid convenience and GM foods as much as you can
  • Low in sugar and refined starch
  • Eat less
  • No snacks

I go into nutrition and dietary considerations in a lot more detail on the Why Am I So Tired? course so here will only mention that the effects of poor diet and nutrition and the resulting toxic overload will impact energy levels. Even if diet and toxins are not the reason for ongoing fatigue or ill health a poor diet will make recovery a lot more difficult.

Gut dysfunction

I have written about this elsewhere on the blog so will just mention it here again and that is the balance of our gut – it has huge implications for the health of our body and our energy levels. One of the most exhausting and disruptive foodstuffs we can consume is sugar, the more we cut down or cut this out the better we feel and the easier it is to heal the compromised gut that may be behind your ongoing tiredness and poor resistance to infections.

I’ve written before that I have a sweet tooth and over the past year and a half have managed to cut my refined sugar and starch intake down by about 90%. Over the past three or four weeks however I’ve found myself for various reasons eating more shop bought sweet things and pastries and also have eaten very sweet cakes at various birthday events. I am really noticing the effects of this on my energy levels. It’s remarkable the impact sugar has, especially when we reintroduce it after a period of abstinance. I am going back to the healthy stuff again…

Sweet treats recipes

I’m also considering occasionally posting some of my recipes for “healthy” sweet things. The problem is that I seldom weigh anything so will have to remember to be more structured when I cook so I can write it up…

Cosmic considerations about diet

I’ll just end this short post by linking it with the first three posts in the fatigue series about what is occurring cosmically and the effects of this on Earth ( In order to fully evolve and to evolve with grace and ease we will have to address our diet and the toxicity of the body. This is also key to enabling our full DNA to switch on, and stay on – all twelve strands/fields. The toxicity of our world and the denatured reality of food production has come from a very low state of consciousness – all of this will be in the process of needing to be healed.

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