Increasing Our Life Force

When we sit quietly and observe what’s going on, when we can be fully present to what ails us we connect not only with our body and what it is trying to tell us but also to the life force of the body.

This deceptively simple act of mindful awareness increases the life force of the body through connecting with the truth of self and where we are right now. We tend to live in our head most of the time, cutting off from the reality of what’s here now and in doing so we drain energy. It takes energy to maintain a lack of awareness about what’s happening as it means we have to be in denial of where we are and what we feel. This is a learned way of being for most of us, for those with a lot of energy to spare it will take years to register in the form of sickness and distress, for those of us with less innate energy it takes its toll sooner.

In this post I am focusing on being present to whatever is ailing the body. If you wish to experience the simplicity of just being with whatever you are feeling on a purely emotional level then have a listen to the recording below that I made last year for releasing emotions.


Increasing life force through being present to whatever ails the body

An increase of energy through mindful awareness is obviously beneficial for us in all sorts of ways, one of which is to regain the energy needed to tackle physical disease.

To practice this aspect of being mindful to the body, allow yourself to see and feel whatever symptoms you have, acknowledge the struggles of your body and its attempts to heal you – your body is always trying to taking care of you.

To practice:

  • Take a few deep breaths, longer on the exhalation, sighing as you breathe out, relaxing into the breath, allowing your body to let go.
  • Bring your attention to the point just above and between the eyebrows, pull your attention back, a couple of inches back, as if you were travelling inside the head. This withdraws attention from the drama of the outside world.
  • Now take your attention to the part of the body that is troubling you, or if it’s fatigue sit with that in a general sense. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, actual physical sensation and feelings.
  • Acknowledge all that is here, simply state in factual terms what is going on.
  • Notice any other reactions including any new thoughts, feelings or insights that may pop up. Try not to censor or judge anything. Just be with what is here.
  • Do this for as long as is comfortable and until you begin to feel a deeper sense of relaxing into the body.

How did it feel to do this? Scary? A relief? Did it bring insights? Perhaps take notes when you do this and notice any changes if you repeat the exercise regularly.

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