What On Earth Is Happening On Earth? Part 3

The galactic equator

Another cosmic occurrence that occurred in 2012, (see the first part of these posts https://catherinestrang.com/2021/10/16/what-on-earth-is-happening-on-earth/?preview_id=2526&preview_nonce=ae3362e95a&preview=true) is to do with the movement of our solar system which undulates up and down the galactic equator. This has, over a journey spanning tens of thousands of years, reached an alignment with the center of the galactic equator.

Super Massive Black Hole

At the center of the galactic equator is a super massive black hole and the energy from this is emanating as direct cosmic rays straight towards our solar system

This means the majority of the cosmic rays coming from the galactic center are going directly through our entire planet and through us. As the magnetosphere continues to diminish it allows more and more of these rays to penetrate every cell of our body, including our brain and DNA.

The reason why this super massive black hole is so significant is because of what black holes have been recently discovered to be. Traditionally they have been seen as a mass in space time sucking all energy into it; however it has now been found that energy also emanates from them. They take all the energy sucked in and store it on the event horizon. After eons of time this energy begins to flow back out – a bit like a massive data burst – this is what’s happening now, or what, to put it more accurately, is catching up with us. What this means for us is that all the information about humanity, all past life knowledge, history, Akashic records and info from other esoteric storage realms is now being returned. This is one of the reasons why it is so much easier to connect with these levels now.

We have access to many levels of knowledge and communication perhaps on a scale never before experienced on Earth, or at least not in recorded history and that is also due to the movement of our solar system through certain parts of space and the information returning from the black hole.

Intense light surges

Another aspect of the movement of our solar system (which moves in a spiral) is the area of the galaxy we are moving through; this is providing us with strong surges of light frequencies. Our alignment along the galactic equator puts us directly in the path of this photonic energy (light particles) which penetrates the Sun, our planet and everything living here.

The alignment with these powerful energies in the past may have been the cause of gaps in the fossil record.

The significance of gaps in the fossil records

We are literally shifting into something new, this is happening incredibly rapidly in relative terms, and may explain why, in the past, there were gaps in the fossil records, it’s known as “jump time”. We see a leap in evolution in a very short period of time. Creatures are swimming in the water one year, and walking on land the next.

We have now entered a “jump time” period of speeded up evolution.

Except now we are shifting into something beyond our comprehension, beyond mere physical evolution – this shift has been building up for the last few 100 years, speeding up since 2012 and on hyper-drive since 2020. What is very difficult – as if there weren’t enough difficulties! – is that we are actually straddling two realities at the same time, we are being “vibrated” up through the old into the new as the new is descending or becoming more evident – all occurring at the same time.

What is occurring is literally shaking us up on a subatomic level, or shaking us apart. We are undergoing a process that is transformative at a molecular level. It would be naive to believe this can happen either overnight or without consequences.

We have been asleep for a very long time; about 200,000 years ago humanity underwent something akin to a mindwipe through the altering of our genes, our DNA.

Our DNA stores vast amounts of information, all 10 extra strands or more accurately, fields, (so called ‘junk’ DNA) are now waking up. The extent to which this occurs at the moment is largely conscious – we need to ask for this to happen fully. However, cleansing on all levels, meditation, fasting and other spiritual practices begin to switch this on.

We are waking up to our full potential, to our power, our knowing, our ability to discern truth, to states of joy, peacefulness and even bliss.

Embodying the process

What we are going through on Earth is an embodiment process. We are embodying, physically living, transmuting through, what is happening. The more we clean up our diet, mind and emotions, make ourselves lighter in all ways, the easier this process is.

As we regain access to higher knowledge and realms it becomes easier to tap into deeper states of peace, love and joy and therefore begin to move away from the old reality of difficulty and struggle. To create a new way of being for ourselves.

Of course this also means navigating our way through all that is surfacing, however, emotional release is a lot easier and faster because of the speed of movement through this now.

Are you experiencing more fatigue than usual – physical, mental and/or emotional?

I will be posting everyday for the next couple of weeks about tiredness and what may be the cause of your fatigue. Even though massive cosmic occurrences are amplifying difficulties, how those difficulties manifest and the extent to which they do still has personal implications.

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