What On Earth Is Happening On Earth Part 2

In the last post I mentioned that science had discovered the existence of nine dimensions. We are of course currently in a 3rd dimensional reality but now travelling through a natural evolutionary process of going up through 4D into the 5th dimension.

As also mentioned in the last post there are many galactic cycles coming to a close, in this and the next post I’m going through more galactic phenomena that indicates something of a momentous scale is taking place.

The significance of all that is occurring is being monitored and measured through something called the Schumann Resonance Scale

Schumann Resonance Scale

The Earth’s frequency as mapped by this scale is increasing as a result of all of that is happening – you can look this up online as it is monitored constantly. Up until a few years ago the Earth’s frequency remained at a stable 7.83 Hz resonance – it is now regularly shooting to 50Hz and beyond, often past 100 on some days, with the baseline lingering around 14 Hz.

Because our reality is based on frequency, on waveform energy, as mentioned in quantum physics this shift is actually staggering in it’s implications for us as individuals.

Devices such as the Schumann Resonance monitor are showing us that significant events are occurring constantly now and are here to stay – I’m sure most of the scientists monitoring increased activity are scratching their heads in perplexity!

What I will explore today is the significance of the eroding magnetosphere. The photo above is a beautiful example of the magnetosphere (also called the ionosphere) when it shows up as the Northern lights.

The magnetosphere

The magnetosphere is the magnetic field around a planet that shields it from harmful solar and cosmic particle radiation and from the effects of the solar wind. Earth’s magnetosphere is part of a dynamic, interconnected system that responds to conditions on the surface, the sun and from space.

Our magnetosphere has been slowly eroding for about 200 years, this is significant not just in loss of protection but in terms of our evolution.

The entire universal structure is magnetic, emanating from vast magnetic fields; we are magnetic beings, throughout our whole being, through the atomic and subatomic level. In the body and through the Earth, and through the cosmos.

This is now being unraveled at a quantum level – and of course being reflected at the the macro level of our planet – all extremely low aspects of consciousness that have been part of Earth for eons of time now literally have no platform to operate from/on/with. It is all disintegrating and showing up as chaos and an increased attempt at control in the world. This is the old magnetics and the old ways of existing being unraveled to make way for the new.

As the old magnetics unravel and we traverse the new, what is being built, or to be more accurate, revealed, is an organic, unified universe.

What’s ending?

What we are coming to the end of is limitation, lack, fear, lower egoic consciousness, erosion of life force, divisiveness and polarity in all its forms leading to hatred, war, conflict, violence, greed, sickness, poverty and power struggle. This is why everything is getting more and more intense, lower consciousness is in a last desperate scrabble for survival.

Collapse of distortion

As this distortion is collapsing it would be foolish to think it can happen easily!

This universe, the Earth, humanity, we are all coming back to our original, organic unified state – our bodies at a cellular level are being deeply, deeply shaken up. They are being transmuted into this new state and all that is distorted, of the old Earth, old paradigm is being shaken or vibrated up to the surface to be dismantled.

All we have been, at every level of our entire earthly existence, all that is unresolved is being brought up to be dealt with. Not all at once of course but in a steady stream, as we resolve each piece.

The sun

Our sun is also going through this process and we see this over the past decade of increased solar activity such as flares and flashes. This phenomenon used to occur at regular intervals spaced years apart – now it’s almost constant. If you like monitoring solar activity look up the Nasa website or spaceweather.com

The sun is also heating up, the Earth and solar system is warming, a natural occurrence, the sun is brighter, whiter and more fierce and with the magnetics diminishing we are feeling this more.

However, this warming activity is absolutely in order – any attempts to subvert this are a waste of time and resources that would be better concentrated on, for instance, tackling pollution and all the other problems on Earth.

The real work though is the inner work, it’s an opportunity to be truly free of the stickiness of the past as we realize what the past truly is – a distortion of reality.

Our past experiences, hurt, pain, blame, victimhood was a creation of the old lower consciousness, the old magnetics. It was that way because that’s the experience of the human collective on Earth for a very long time. A repeating endless pattern.

The more we learn to accept the uncertainty of what is unfolding the less frightening or painful it becomes. To resist the process is to be in denial of whatever is going on, the key is to be with whatever is here as all of it is part of the whole consciousness of who you are now. Whether that is fatigue, emotions, illness, mental turmoil – it is all relevant. Not something to dismiss or deny. But something to accept, appreciate and extend love towards.

None of what is occurring at a cosmic level is stable, balanced or even, the big event itself – the natural evolution, or ascension, of this part of the cosmos – is happening steadily at an ever increasing pace but influxes come and go at increasingly intense levels and when they do we feel very tired and out of sorts.

Remember the saying, “out of chaos comes order” hold onto that.

We are in the midst of a galactic cosmic order reset and everything is being shaken up and apart.

The next post is about yet another incredible cosmic phenomena and the positives flowing from that. It has truly never been easier to create our experience of life as we wish it to be.

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