What On Earth Is Happening On Earth?

This post is about cosmic phenomenons taking place that are directly impacting us here on Earth. Anyone who has spent time in spiritual circles over the past few decades will be familiar with the concept of Ascension or of the planetary evolution we are going through. Up until a few years ago most of us took this on trust and intuition. Now however, science is catching up with so much of what was considered woo woo. This and the next couple of posts explores this in the context of why it may seem a little more difficult to be on Earth at this time.

Nothing is and ever will be the same again

We are moving through a period of history that is beyond anything ever experienced before on Earth. We are undergoing – along with our whole universe – a quantum shift in reality and experience. I will try to illustrate through a little quantum physics and inescapable astronomical facts that we are indeed moving through an event of such cosmological significance that it is unsurprising that mere tiredness is one of the side effects! 

How we experience fatigue is still personal to each one of us and there will be personal factors that determine what this is and why.

There are several layers to the following and I will try and cover them in a reasonably linear and hopefully comprehensible way. None of it really needs to be understood though, just the essential truths and these are –

Nothing is and ever will be the same again.

All that is occuring is inevitably exhausting.

The more we resist the sicker we get.

Let’s start with the auspicious year of 2012 

Many cosmic events culminated that year and the Earth in one respect did indeed end! Our old way of being ended (amongst other things) and all that has occurred since is the dismantling of old systems and dynamics.

The December 2012 astronomic alignment brought several galactic cycles to a close, ranging from 26,000 to 62 million to 16.9 billion years, just to name a few. 2012 was a year of major astronomical events. Many of these cycles have marked evolutionary change on a massive scale in Earth’s past.

The Mayan calendar, which accurately tracked 16.9 billion years of evolution on Earth, came to an end. Major changes to the planetary structure have occurred every 62 million years.

Precession of the equinoxes

Every 26,000 years our planet and Sun align with the center of our galaxy, completing something called the precession of the equinoxes. Through this we move through all 12 zodiac signs. We have just exited Pisces and are now completely in Aquarius, however, the age of Aquarius is the smallest event on the planet at the moment in terms of cosmology.

Our old way of being came to an end in 2012 and what has been happening since then is the dismantling of the old Earth paradigm. The ‘chaos’ we see in the world is the twilight years of an archaic and extremely dysfunctional order going through the throes of disintegration.

Science does now back up what a lot of esoteric knowledge has been saying for thousands of years and one major phenomenon is that of magnetics and the magnetosphere (the area of space around a planet that is controlled by the planet’s magnetic field). The current magnetics of Earth are deeply affecting us physically and mentally.

This is what I will be focussing on in the next post but first let’s take a brief look at quantum mechanics and how we can use this knowledge to our physical advantage.

What relevance does quantum mechanics have in our everyday life?

I use the following quotes by Quantum physicist Eugene Wigner to sum up a couple of key aspects.

“Quantum mechanics is the study of scientific laws that describe the behaviour of the particles that make up the physical universe. Everything is electromagnetic light and there is no past, present or future – it all exists simultaneously.”

Consciousness controls everything and nothing can happen in the physical world without consciousness determining the outcome”.

Since Einstein’s theory of relativity over a century ago science has progressed rapidly, unfortunately though, a lot of what is known is not imparted in any significant way through mainstream education. Many scientists when they don’t understand something put it to one side or try to make it fit what they already know, such as trying to make it fit Newtonian laws. 

Not terribly scientific…

The really significant discovery in quantum mechanics came in the 1920’s when Paul Dirac came up with the quantum field theory which proved that matter is created from waveforms and that matter can exist as a particle or a wave.

Then came string theory, or quantum entanglement, the aspect of physics where it has been proven over and over that everything is interconnected, and that nine dimensional realities exist. There are more than this but that there are nine has at least been proven!

To sum this up – All matter is composed of electromagnetic light that first exists as a waveform. When this waveform shifts into particles it is because the field of light has been informed via some form of consciousness into appearing as solid matter in a particular format or shape.

However, as these particles are not actually solid matter they are constantly vibrating in and out of particulate form. Several times a second they wink in and out of apparent existence, each time reforming the way they do depending on the consciousness creating or holding the form.

Put another way an informed field creates the form.

What does this mean for us?

That nothing is truly solid and it explains why miraculous healings can occur – they occur because the informational field creating the particles changed so radically the body followed suit. The quantum comes first, all else – chemistry and biology – has to follow. The so-called physical is the end result.

If you take one thing from this for your personal health it could be this – What are you informing yourself with each second?

To give an everyday example – Think about what happens in the body when impacted by mental and emotional stress – a very physical cascade of reactions within the body that has noticeable effects on our health and state of mind.

However, what comes first in this reaction? What is that first split second happening before the chemical intensity?

A thought.

Think about that. How can a thought, a few words, flitting across the mind wreak such devastation on the body? Think about what the thought triggers – an emotional/nervous system reaction which triggers the fight or flight mechanisms in the body.

What do we do with this?

The first consideration is to recognise the thoughts and mental patterns and gently try to instil order and clarity, the second is to recognise that each reaction you have – physical or emotional – is valuable information. It is telling you what to look at and possibly release. Mostly it will be enough to breathe more deeply and release the feelings of the moment, if the feelings remain or become more intense this is telling you there’s something deeper to look at.

This is important work – without this the navigation through the next period of human history is going to be rough. Every single undealt with issue you’ve ever had (including past lives and perhaps even soul trauma, plus collective humankind trauma) is coming up to be let go of.

I will go into the mechanism of that in the next post.

7 responses to “What On Earth Is Happening On Earth?”

  1. I literally and audibly say to myself each day “Focus on today; it’s going to be okay.”


    1. Thank for the reminder to be present! And to focus on the positive…


  2. Briliant. Clear, concise and helpful. I look forward to the next installment!


  3. Very good, it makes sense.
    Looking forward to your next instalment.


    1. Thanks Sadna! Trying to do a post most days on the fatigue series.


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