Why Are We all So Tired?

As I near the completion of my online course, “Why Am I So Tired?” I realize I haven’t done the series of blog posts on tiredness I was going to! One reason is that I am actually tired from the massively time consuming task of making this course…

There are 10 videos in it and I’m not used to doing this – in fact if you’d told me a couple of years ago I’d be making videos, speaking into the camera for public consumption I’d have screamed in horror. But this past year and a half being on Zoom I’ve gotten used to being on a screen. The process of recording however has been very time consuming due to the amount of scrapped videos. Partly because they were not good enough and then because of a technical issue. I’d edited about five videos before beginning to upload them to Mastermind.com (the site that is hosting the course). Each video is allowed to be no more than a certain amount of mega bytes; for some strange reason the editing software already on my computer doubled the amount on each video making them impossible to upload. Due to storage problems (which I’ve now remedied) I’d deleted the originals.

So once more, more tech hell!

The good thing in all of this is that it’s made the process of making a video now just another part of work. So maybe this was meant to be?! As far as the course videos go, they are unedited so not polished and perfect. However they do contain a huge amount of information about all possible cause of fatigue, accompanied by many solutions. As much as possible I have made the entire series – videos, PDF’s and audio meditations – as practical as possible with very little waffle. Waffle simply being exhausting to listen to if you are struggling with fatigue.

Over the next couple of weeks, almost everyday, I will post a series of hints and tips on the causes of and some solutions for dealing with fatigue.

The first couple will deal with the cosmic reasons why most of humanity is not only more tired than usual but apparently going a bit mad 🙂

Published by Catherine Strang

I have been passionate about health and well-being since my teenage years when a health problem prompted me to use diet to regain my strength. By the end of the 80's I was working as a chef in a Rudolf Steiner based vegetarian cafe in Edinburgh and this led me (through working with some very alternatives types!) to pursue a career as a massage therapist and healer, which I began in 1990. Since then I have trained in many different forms of therapy, including Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EmoTrance (a form of deeply mindful emotional processing). I retired completely from bodywork in 2017 and at present only occasionally work as a 1:1 therapist. My focus now is teaching and I have been doing this since 1991 when I taught Aromatherapy and massage courses for the Edinburgh Council Adult Education Programme, by the time I finished these courses in 2000 I had also taught aromatherapy/massage sessions across Edinburgh in Community Centers, Health Projects and a variety of other non profit organisations. By this time however I was beginning to develop Stress Management and later Meditation and personal development courses/sessions and was including corporate settings as well as private teaching events. The list of places I have taught in is extensive and over the past three decades I've no doubt forgotten quite a few! I am dedicated to personal development, health and meditation and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each session. I am well aware of the struggles, often hidden from work colleagues, that many go through during the course of their life and endeavor always to be kind, non-intrusive and in a work setting discreet.

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