Autumn Equinox

As we move past the peak of the Autumn Equinox many of you may have felt the intensity of the energies. Emotions running higher than usual, feeling low, tired or depressed, reacting to events and people, more sharp divisions in the world and in self.

Now more than ever we are moving through a continuing passage of choice that is to last until December. All the astrology forecasts and intuitives are saying a similar message – the division of humanity is deepening, pressure is mounting and more truth will be revealed. Something has to give.

Do we get pulled under or can we draw back and choose differently?

No matter what is occuring in the world we all have the ability to create our own experience of the little slice of reality we live in. It is in the drawing back that we are able to create what we wish for ourselves, draw back into a position of non judgemental observation, loving detachment or as Sandra Walter describes it, Divine Neutrality.

The easiest way to do this is to bring the attention down into the heart, to first pull back from external attention, right back behind the third eye, into the centre of the head then take your attention down into the centre of the heart.

Once here breathe through the heart with thoughts of love or peace and then allow your perception to expand out through the body, your aura then through your home and neighborhood, out through the country and eventually the whole world.

Hold that vision of the world as it resides inside your heart. Send blessings to all who may be struggling, including yourself.

If you wish, visualise the world as you would like it to be, what would a perfect world look like to you? Add that vision to the equinox energies as a gift to humanity.

If you are struggling too much yourself to do this I am including here the recording I made last year for dealing with overwhelm.

3 responses to “Autumn Equinox”

  1. Catherine Strang has a beautifully calming voice. Ideal for meditations.

    I’ve just listened to this one again. The almost soporific effect is quite something as all the strains and stresses gently fade away.


  2. Beautiful pic. Love the meditation. Slept better than for weeks. You are full of wisdom… orical xx Sharon


  3. Thank you for the lovely comments! xx


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