On Writing

A couple of months ago I completed a revamp of “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?” and just mentioned this briefly in a blog post back then. Since self publishing it last year I have done so much more writing and felt awful about the glaring mistakes and not so great writing that I really notice now. But that’s ok, I published the book as an experiment and to make myself take action after taking a three year break from self employment. I haven’t done any real promotion on the book as it was a sort of experiment.

Having realised that I actually really enjoy writing I wanted to get more serious about it so added two more chapters and brought it up to date regarding the events of 2020/21.

Now more than ever I am finding people need workable, simple solutions to dealing with the effects of a life that is becoming increasingly uncertain and very often pressured. When experiencing any kind of situation that registers as uncomfortable by the mind – consciously and unconsciously – our body reacts in very specific ways.

Knowing what is happening within the body when we are reacting to stressful events is reassuring in itself, it also holds the key to how to change that unfavourable reaction.

In “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?” you will not only know what’s going on in your own body but get to play around with the effect of breath – good and bad – and the impact of certain words on your psyche.

All of the techniques in the book are ones that I have used extensively over the years on myself, on clients and in classes. I have healed illness in myself with some of them…

Also, the kindle version costs a only a little more than a decent coffee!

Click on the link below for more info and to look inside:


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