Tech Frustration And Too Much To Do!

It’s been another long gap since my last post… I have been busy continuing to create an online course and also attending courses. However, what has taken up time recently is making a start on the promotion process – the bit that makes me groan to be honest. I love creating things and I am changing my mindset about what it takes to make the consumption of time and effort that goes into making a new product worthwhile.

After all I am passionate about what I write and teach so wouldn’t it be nice if more people had access to it?! This is what I’ve been trying to change within me – that it’s not about my insecurities about been “seen” in the wider marketplace, which I know I share with many Mind, Body, Spirit types, but about being there to help others with what I know. One day – when I am completely over this – I will no doubt create a course about it…

I have decided to make the topic of the upcoming course solely about fatigue, instead of the theme of “tired and wired”. This makes it much clearer for people and easier to talk about.

Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback about the title and theme – it has been very helpful.

I have written a short book on fatigue that I’m giving away for free.

Regarding diving into the promotion process I have written a book that introduces some of the themes that will be a part of the course. This little book is free to all who sign up for my new newsletter. There is no need though for any blog subscribers, who may be suffering from tiredness to sign up for this. I will cover the main points in future blog posts. I’m planning on fatigue being one of the main themes of the next few posts – this is such a vast topic with many different potential causes and now we are looking at a global cause that’s actually quite awesome – but more on that at a later date. If you are curious now go ahead and sign up! Link at foot of post.

The other time consuming thing going on recently is the creation of a newsletter – it was pure hell to set up. I’m reasonably ok with online tech, wordpress is quite simple, self publishing a book was really simple, but newsletters? It took days and there are some aspects I nearly gave up on such as setting up subdomains etc. – necessary for a new email address otherwise many will get a spam warning about my emails. I persevered – amidst tears and temper tantrums – and got there in the end.

I’m sure there are more technically minded people reading this going, “what’s her problem”?! But I have found that technology and people who are healers seldom mix well 🙂

The title for the new course will be the same as the free book, “Why Am I So Tired?”

As I said I will soon write a series of posts on all the potential causes of fatigue from physical, emotional and mental, to energy emissions, planetary and cosmic, harmful and uplifting. Unusual levels of tiredness is an epidemic at the moment so if you suffer from this stay tuned. If you know anyone who is struggling with fatigue please share this with them.

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