Help and Input Needed!

Yet again I haven’t posted anything for ages. This time it’s because I’ve had a few projects on the go, the main one was the revising of my book, Why Does Stress Make Us Ill? I wanted to add two more chapters and also take into account the impact covid and lockdown has had on us collectively and individually. This is now complete, for more details go here –

The other projects included three online courses I attended via live-stream, these needed a fair amount of follow up and personal work, all very time consuming.

This week I am beginning to build an online course of my own. This is for people who struggle with feeling exhausted, flat and unmotivated yet are constantly tense with an overactive mind.

The course aims to help people solve this struggle and move to where they long to be with renewed physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional ease.

I’d really appreciate some input from anyone who’d like to share their opinion of the following:

The working title so far is Tired and Wired and I’m wondering if, from the title alone, do you get a clear sense of what the course is about?

And if the following is relevant to you, what frustrates or disheartens you the most about the experience of ongoing tiredness coupled with difficulty relaxing?

Ongoing fatigue – Do you frequently feel exhausted? Wake up tired? Do you feel more tired now than you did a year ago?

Anxiety and stress – Are you anxious, overwhelmed, overly stressed or fearful? Worried about the future?

If you’d like to share anything with me please do so in the comments section or if you’d rather it was private then send an email – you can find the address on the contact page at

Thankyou! And I will share more details as I create the course.

5 responses to “Help and Input Needed!”

  1. Could it be ‘Tired and Wired?’ – with a question mark so folks know it’s about them. I’ll have a ponder about the other things 🙂


  2. Thank you – such a simple tweak that makes a huge difference!


  3. Hi!

    I will give this some thought tomorrow and get back to you.

    I will also buy your hardback book.



  4. Hi Catherine,
    I would ask the question.
    Are you becoming Sooooo Tired and Wired?



    1. Thanks for that Mike, I am going to ask more questions so will use all these tips!


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