Being Or Becoming Light

The last few posts have been about the slow process of detoxification I’ve been on and at the moment I have nothing much to say in that regard. All I’ve been doing recently is eating a lot more raw stuff (green smoothies and big salads) and continuing to avoid sugar, though have relaxed the strickness around dried and fresh fruit. I will do another post on the physical when I’ve undertaken some more “extreme” measures!

In this post I’d like to address the concept of being light. This is my term for a way of being and a way of living that encompasses several different aspects of the journey towards spiritual embodiment. The term covers the state of becoming more of a Light Being and what needs to be lightened or enlightened. As in the cells of our physical body undergoing radical transmutation and through this process switching on awareness of our twelve strand DNA and the spiritual evolution that grows with this awareness. This involves the process of clearing the rest of our bodies (emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual) in order to allow more Light into our being.

Aside from clearing the bodies and a lighter, cleaner diet there is of course the extensive library of practices, initiations, knowledge and realisations, the deep knowing of self in all forms, meditations, balances, healing, uplevelling substances, objects and devices and so much more… All of this contributes to the process of lightening up in order to embody who you truly are and inhabit the power of that.

I’ve been on this journey for over thirty years and my main passion in life is the spiritual. The process of Ascension, or the Initiates Path, has been part of my life since the mid 90’s. I’d been interested in, and undergoing training, in healing and emotional release for several years prior to that but couldn’t have told you why I was interested or what was going on, I just knew I felt driven! What I have noticed in many spiritual seekers since then are two major tendencies that hold most back – one of them is the area that I’ve delved into the most, to the point almost of obsession and that is the processes of clearing. So many tend to shy away from the depth of clearing necessary when this is the bulk of the transformative work needed. Without a deep realisation of what’s there, and the heaviness of that, we ain’t going nowhere! Despite that, what actually happens when something within you commits to this path is that what is there to be cleared becomes unavoidable – it will show up within you and in your life no matter what. As the reality of global revelation increases – outwordly and inwardly – we don’t need to dig deep for stuff, it’s all right there in whatever you are experiencing in any moment.

Traditionally, the first thing most people began with, deliberately or not, are childhood issues, this is often where many people have gotten stuck or just stopped. I’ve often thought of this phase as the birth process of personal growth; if we imagine Ascension as that of becoming the wise tribal elder and think about all the phases of life before then the release of childhood anger and pain takes us to perhaps the development stage of a one year old! This may give you an idea of the vastness of what we hold in our fields as stuck energy and programming. Our upbringing in this life is one tiny aspect of the immensity of all our experiences here on earth and the myriad influences steering us. Saying that though, it does of course holds many clues and opportunities to the deeper parts that need healing.

I want to make it clear that I’m not glossing over the fact that many have experienced childhoods of trauma and abuse that most people couldn’t handle even hearing about and the healing of that is sizable, and could take a whole lifetime or two.

What the details of all that is to be cleared or transformed are I will cover in future posts but for now will just note where much of that debris can be stored or stuck and perhaps manifesting in your life as issues. This could be issues with relationships, money, work, health, all the parts of self we struggle with, stress, shadow parts, all the people, traits and things we judge and criticise, have a problem with etc. This all comes from not just this life but from past and in some cases parallel lives; also there are the ancestral/genetic influences; on a Soul level occasional imprints of strong belief or programming can be found. There are also lifetimes worth of trauma, pain and deeply held beliefs we have stored somewhere – this could be our Akashic records or the Caves of Creation within Earth that hold a record of all we know (wherever or whatever it is, when I go there it looks to me like a storage warehouse with units that hold several lifetimes worth on a particular theme!)

This, so far, is our personal stuff. Add to that the collective consciousness imprints of ways of programmed thinking and belief we agree to in order to become the extremely limited beings we have been for millenia here on Earth, I can’t overestimate the immensity of this aspect of our makeup. There is the energetic debris we pick up from others. There are the unresolved karmic repercussions of all we have done in this and other lives – you cannot exist on Earth without accruing karma! Though at this point we are transcending karma as its been in the past, the process of karma has sped up, often being instantaneous. Of course karma itself is neutral – it is positive or negative depending on the action.

I mentioned two tendencies spiritual seekers have that halt progress and this second tendency is that we give our power away to, well, everything…

How we do that in all the ways that we do is the subject of another post!

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  1. Looking forward to the next posts, this looks exciting, if challenging!


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