Emotional Causes Of Candida

Candida overgrowth, caused by unbalanced gut flora, leads to the condition of candidiasis. As the candida albicans yeast grows out of control it begins to make it’s way through the gut walls (leaky gut syndrome), invades the blood cells and makes it’s way into several systems and organs of the body.

If we merely take the dietary route it will take 6-12 months to bring under control and usually when the person comes off the extremely restrictive diet the symptoms will return. The reason for this is the candida yeasts that are are a healthy part of the gut function turn into mycelial fungi and invade the rest of the body as candida spores. These spores, when an anti candida diet is followed, go into hiding, the symptoms go into remission and it seems as if you are healed. However, as soon as their prefered food is reintroduced the candidiasis flares up again. I have known people who have suffered in this way for many years, despite trying every approach they could find. The missing link for most people is healing on an energetic and/or emotional basis and I will cover these first and in the next post the physical modalities such as supplements, nutrients and diet. With candida a multi pronged approach is needed.

Regarding the energetic; there is a company online who produce an anti-candida spore product that has been enhanced with energetic frequencies that not only kills the spores but renders them harmless so they leave the body through the usual routes of elimination without one having to go through the dreaded candida “die-off”.

Link here – https://winyourbattleagainstcandida.com/product/candxpel-2/

However the products are expensive and would have to be taken for at least 6 months. I am sure they work but are out of the reach of your average person cost wise. I am very curious as to other ways of dealing with candida using energetic means – Homeopathy? Plant and gem essences? Sound healing frequencies?

If anyone knows more please let me know!

I mentioned in the last post the potential emotional causes of candida – I believe this is a key part and probably the one which which I am the most familiar /qualified to talk about! As mentioned before the two most common underlying states for candida to proliferate is unworthiness and resentment but as I also mentioned it’s best with all physical healing to not be too prescriptive. These two causes have a wide variety of ways in which they can manifest and for myself although I have healed myself to the nth degree of many things including layers of self worth issues and buried anger from the past I discovered a relatively recent cause that had self worth stuff and lingering anger. The anger was fairly obvious and was held in place by the more subtle hooks in which unworthiness was being held, not in an obvious “I am unworthy” kind of way but more a kind of shame at myself for allowing my sense of self to be taken over and manipulated in this particular ongoing situation. This I think may have led to a sense of unworthiness/undeserving. Which has been a vague in the background thing for the past year or two which I haven’t – until now – gotten to the bottom of.

I relate all of this as a way of illustrating the sometimes hidden or subtle nature of what can be there contributing to something – it is always worthwhile digging down into the subconscious and having a look around! A sense of unworthiness may not present as a convenient, clean cut thought such as “I am unworthy”. There are many ways of being and thinking that stem from this and most people I think have at least some unworthiness in at least one aspect of their life. As I say it takes digging around or making positive statements about what you feel you deserve and observing your response. How much abundance do you deserve in the areas of health and well-being, relationships, work/finances, spirituality, living space?

As far as resentment is concerned I believe that resentment in itself stems from a sense of unworthiness. Resentment is old anger, suppressed or simmering rage, blame, victim consciousness. When we know we are inherently worthy of receiving an abundant life in every sense of the word we move out of victim consciousness and into creator consciousness which is one of absolute responsibility for oneself and the world we inhabit.

Of course many will have these issues and be candida overgrowth free and that is the unique and uniquely personal nature of disease; why one person succumbs to something and another will not is individual. In the case of candida of course there’s the added, as with many conditions, burden of dietary choices.

In my case with the candida clearing it has taken a bit more work involving making changes to other aspects of my life – inner and outer. Including being disciplined with the thinking patterns involving how I think about the candida and the symptoms itself. And I’m very pleased to report that I am feeling much better – I’ve had two to three weeks of brain fog, lethargy and overwhelming fatigue, from candida die-off I think.

So the next aspect of emotional or energetic healing is about installing a new positive mindset. Once clearing has been done you don’t want to just remain in neutral, you want to take it up a notch, employ affirmations, new ways of thinking, reprogramme yourself for health. In fact it can be very helpful to do this from the start. For the wording of these I suggest you visit, or revisit, the post I wrote during the 28 Days to Peacefulness series of posts about using language to enhance your life.

Link here – https://wordpress.com/post/catherinestrang.com/1832

Meanwhile here are some suggestions:

I Am radiantly healthy

Every cell in my body is expressing health

My entire digestive system is in perfect balance


Employ visualisation – picture yourself doing what you love to do with vigour and flexibility or go right into your cells and imagine perfect health replicating throughout your body. Please find below the audio I recorded last year for self healing through the body

Flow and Flexibility

I also recommend energy medicine for enhancing flow through the body – flow and flexibility is one of the changes I’ve realised I need to become disciplined about, in my case mainly in the form of yoga but incorporating a few minutes of daily Donna Eden practices.

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