Detox and Parasites

A few times during the 28 Days of Peacefulness series I mentioned that I’d embarked on a lengthy physical cleansing process and that I’d write about it after the series was completed. So here it is. I will write updates about my progress and information on what I am doing and why I’m doing this for anyone who is also thinking of or undertaking a cleanse.


Of course I have to point out that I am not a qualified health provider so everything I write about is from personal research and experience. If you wish professional expertise I would recommend a Naturopath. If you have an actual health concern then see your doctor for a check up. I recommend a Naturopath for professional help on detoxification because they will have spent several years studying health, how to enhance health and treat disease through natural means. In contrast to a medical doctor who will over their 7 years of training have spent about a day or two worth of lectures on nutrition, diet and health. This doesn’t surprise me but it is a bit shocking!

So, what have I been doing and why? First, in the interest of my true passion which is the embodiment of ascension I will cover the why. In my twenties and a little in my early 30’s and 40’s (I’m 55 now) I did some serious detoxing but in the past decade very little, add to that a diet fairly high in sugar and a glass of wine most nights, plus an average of once or twice a week convenience food and I’m no longer as healthy as I used to be. I did a cleansing diet for several weeks last spring during the first lockdown but not much else. Now my diet by average UK standards is still fairly healthy, I have always eaten a lot of vegetables, mostly veggie or vegan meals and drink a lot of filtered water (I think about 2-3 litres a day) Also I’ve always been reasonably physically active. I’m saying this to point out that a reduction in sugar and refined carbs would have been enough for me to coast on for quite a while longer!

However, apart from wishing to feel a lot fitter and healthier my main concern has been the spiritual one. During January as I took advantage of the massive revelation wave and the other powerful influxes of Light pouring into this planet I found myself going very deep and not just clearing the last dregs of several issues but also found new ways of being that involved more light pouring in than usual. I’d done a lot of that over the years but this felt much more profound and all encompassing, almost overwhelming. And with that overwhelm I finally had to admit to myself that I couldn’t take this much further – if I didn’t radically cleanse my physical body I’d become ill.

As said before everything is interconnected we have four main bodies here on Earth – the physical, emotional, mental and etheric – what we alter in one affects all. I’d spent years focussing on the last three and it was time to really focus on the physical as it felt to me now that this was holding up the fullest penetration of Light I could handle. I will write about this in more detail in the future but I wanted to just give a background as to motivation. Motivation, unless you are already used to self discipline regarding health, has to be strong for real change to occur.

I began by ordering a few books and doing some online research before starting. One area I had been very interested in and had made a half hearted attempt at last year was that of heavy metal cleansing. I’m now very relieved my attempt was half hearted as this has to be approached with caution, the body, it’s systems and internal organs need to be quite thoroughly cleared before tackling heavy metals. After a couple of weeks of reading and taking notes I made a plan, the plan was that this period of cleansing would last from the end of January to probably May and would target each phase and part of the body systematically.

The phases of the detox plan:

If you read most in-depth literature on detoxification it will state that it begins with an intestinal cleanse. I know from a colonic about 4 years ago that I have no build up of colon plaque etc. anymore. This is due not just to past cleanses (including colonics in my 30’s) but because I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of veg and roughage so if you are embarking on a deep cleanse for the first time then this has to come first, it can be dangerous to your health if a colon cleanse is not taken into consideration. There are many ways of cleansing the colon – a quick search online will point you towards a wealth of info on this topic. What I have started with is a parasite cleanse, apparently most of us will have intestinal parasites at some point especially if you have pets, do gardening, eat a lot of raw food or have been abroad extensively. I was also intrigued by one of the symptoms of intestinal parasites which is sugar cravings! There are several foodstuffs that will help kill off parasites and most of them are in the image at the top of this post. I have included a lot of these in my diet since January (I’m adding a lot more garlic to meals and am making my own muesli rich in coconut, pumpkin and sunflower seeds for instance).

There are many parasite cleanse supplements and I eventually went with the supplements in the link below as it seemed quite comprehensive, a set of four separate boxes but sold as one set. You take them twice a day on an empty stomach/two hours after a meal. Take one clove capsule, wait half an hour then take one capsule each of the other three – wormwood, black walnut and grapefruit seed extract. They are sold as digestive bitters, effective against candida overgrowth but all are also helpful for the elimination of parasites, especially cloves and wormwood. They are taken for 10 – 14 days then a week off. This is repeated three times. The time off is important for two reasons, first is that wormwood is quite a potent herb, toxic in large amounts or with prolonged use so needs to be used sensibly. The second is that the time off is to coincide with the larval life of intestinal parasites so when you begin the regime again the cloves will take care of the eggs and larvae and the other herbs take care of the hatched parasites. During this cleanse it is important to avoid sugar as far as possible as this is what parasites feed on.

When you do research online you will see many, ghastly, toilet pictures of expelled parasites! I’m relieved to report that nothing like that happened to me, if I did have parasites they were small. I did however find that my brain was clearer, my mood very good and my sugar cravings abated after a week. This could of course have been due to the anti candida effect of the herbs and my stricter diet. I am fairly sure I have had a candida albicans overgrowth for several years, not severe, just ticking along in the background.

I am on my third run of the parasite herbs and am now combining this with an anti-candida overgrowth regime. I have experienced a certain amount of unpleasantness with this one! Tackling Candida, it’s symptoms and die-off is the topic of the next post.

The supplements I took to clear parasites:

Strong Herbal Bitters set: GSE, Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves

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  1. This is a great post. I have found Detoxing to be quite important. There are many ways but I never heard of the parasites. I will have to look into this. Thanks

    Laugh Because… Why Not??


    1. Thankyou and prepare yourself for some horrifying pictures when you go searching for info!

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