Day 28 – I AM Peace

I wanted to record a guided meditation on deep peacefulness for the last post in this series but have decided to postpone this for now. The reason is that my voice is off. I’m well in myself so I think it’s the result of all the detoxification stuff that I’m doing. I started to record something and my voice sounded either croaky or weak…

Instead, I’ve included some of the affirmations I was going to incorporate into the meditation. These affirmations have been made in the spirit of using conscious language more fully. And at the risk of repeating myself on this subject do try this way of using words on other aspects of your life, the sentences below can be altered to fit whatever you have a concern about or a desire to manifest.

Our consciousness is everything; it is our most valuable commodity, the more we elevate consciousness and feel this the more power our words have and the more influence we have over our life. One way of doing this is to use I AM statements whenever affirming a positive, and if saying something negative being careful in the use of I am or I’m. Or more subtly the use of the word “not”. An example I could use with the word “not” regarding spirituality is the classic use of the statement “I have a mind but I am not the mind” to deepen healthy detachment. I was meditating on this a couple of years ago and realised it just felt wrong. Though if someone is a beginner to meditation and the act of quieting the mind it’s a good starting point as it usually will throw a question into how much we revere the mind and believe what it’s telling us. There are a few of these forms of statements in classic spirituality that could do with an overhaul… The reason is that we are halfway through the process of metamorphosis into a new paradigm and this requires new ways of thought, the re-examination of what we are saying and doing that no longer serves us in an expansive or uplifting way and certainly does not serve being peaceful.

In case you’re wondering what I did with the above statement as a meditation, I changed it to “I have a mind but I AM so much more than the mind”. Which I find has a more expansive affect as opposed to the effect of curtailing expansion. Again all I can do is suggest you play around with statements you usually make and notice whatever arises as a result.

So now to end with some affirmations for peacefulness:

“I choose to Be peaceful. I choose my peace”.

“I AM peaceful. I AM Peace”.

“My peacefulness is ever-present. My peace is eternal”.

“The peace I AM at my core is unwavering and unshakeable”.

“The peacefulness I AM is always here, now, in each present moment”.

And if you wish to centre yourself within the heart and say these words to yourself – “From the deep core of Peace that I AM, I radiate Peace throughout every cell of my body, through every layer of my Being. I feel Peace, I embody Peace, I AM Peace”.

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