Day 27 – Staying Peaceful

If you’ve read all the posts so far on being peaceful, thank you and I hope you have discovered a deeper level of peace within yourself. I have enjoyed writing this series and one part in particular has had an affect on me and a resolve to take it much further, that is this week’s posts on the way we use language (see Days 24 and 25). I have played around with words a lot more these past few days and made more impact within myself around the way I set goals and intentions or use affirmations. It’s been quite eye opening to observe that despite years of knowing the power of how to use words as a way of self motivation I still use them in a way that’s lacklustre. I have been inspired this week by a reading a book called Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson Stevens, I’d come across his work before but hadn’t delved into it in any significant way. I’d recommend his book if interested in this topic.

As we are nearing the end of this series I thought I’d just recap this week’s posts. As noted above language is immensely important in the way we go through life so I’d highly recommend looking at that more – Day 24 –

Also of importance is the energy within and around us we often overlook, the energy we may be absorbing from something or someone outside of our self that may be affecting the way we feel and even think. The link to that post is here –

And the energetic systems within our bodies, when these are unbalanced or cease to flow in harmoniuos ways ill health and low energy can be the result – Day 23 –

Paying attention to any of this, but especially the energy medicine exercises from the video on Day 23 is highly recommended and can make a significant different to your health and experience of life.

See you tomorrow for the last post in this series!

One response to “Day 27 – Staying Peaceful”

  1. This has been a brilliant series, I’ve enjoyed the creativity and sincerity of all the posts! Look forward to the last ones in the series and more in future X


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