Day 24 – The Magic Of Language

Today’s post begins with a revisit of Day 1 of this series, that is the act of coming into the present moment, into the heart and asking “what do I really want right now”. But this time asking that question about your life. Is there something in your life that either requires a decision or needs action to be taken? And as a consequence of that non-action, disturbing your peace? If the answer to this is no then be very grateful for that!

If the answer is yes then read on. If it’s a stalemate due to non decisiveness then at the foot of this post I have included audios on making a decision.

If you know what you wish to do and non action is the problem then I would suggest first coming into the heart and asking, is this truly what I desire? Action will first stem from being clear about your intentions, not just about exactly what that intention is and why you desire this but all the reactions around it, what may be preventing forward movement. As I’ve mentioned before feeling fear over a possible course of action is not a reason to not do it! Set the fear to one side and ask about the rightness of what needs to be done. In fact most emotional responses are usually not a reason to not take action. For instance I am about to embark on a completely sugar free (this means zero sweet things, fruit included) diet as part of my ongoing detox. I know this is needed and if I respected the feelings of deprivation and mild misery I feel at the prospect I wouldn’t do it! In fact these feelings are absolutely a good reason alone to do this diet as I am letting myself be controlled by food…

So, to begin, take a deep breath, close your eyes and bring the attention down into your heart. Are there aspects of your life you wish to change, that you would like to take action on? Now ask yourself, when I think about these areas of my life what disturbs my peace the most or what makes me feel the most uncomfortable? Stay with the uncomfortable one. What are your usual thoughts, the language you use about this? Like most of us perhaps you tend to start from the negative? Using myself as an example again, I tend to mostly say “I need to cut out sugar, I have such a sweet tooth”. Very inspiring, not… Instead I’m changing this to “I choose to be radiantly and joyfully healthy”.

The point here is about using language consciously, we may say “I want more money/a relationship/to be slim/to be healthy/to be calm/successful etc. etc. The problem here is wording. Using the word “want” is an affirmation of lack. It’s like an instruction to the subconscious to continue giving you what you already have. The other problem is vagueness, such as “Yeah, I need to start…” Nothing will ever happen if our decision to take action is prefaced with this wording . So two basic considerations if we keep making vague, non specific statements with lack words such as want or need is to become aware of what we are saying. This will take time, I’ve known about languaging for decades but can still be dreadful in general conversation and alone with myself at weeding out self sabotaging statements. At the least, figure out what you do wish to have or to be and then formulate statements that contain only positive, present moment language and uses words such as choose, have, my and I am.


“I want to be successful”, “I need to earn more money”. The words, “want” and “need” imply lack. Instead try “I am successful”, “I have success”, “I choose prosperity/abundance/wealth”. The wording to use is always whatever feels good to you. If the mind then says but I don’t have this or I’m not that resist the impulse to fight it or admonish yourself, instead fully acknowledge the objections with acceptance, treat the mind as if it’s a small child making lovable mistakes with language as they learn how to talk.

“I want/need to begin losing weight – everything about this sentence is dreadful and guarantees zero weight-loss – the words want, need and losing are negative, lack words, “weight” in this case is an affirmation, “begin” = never will. Instead the sentence could be, “I choose to be slim/thin”. “I now easily eat a healthy diet for my optimum size/weight”, and as you say this visualise what that is, if you can’t bring a visual of your own body imagine yourself putting clothes on in the size you wish to be.

These examples are quite wide ones but I hope you get the general drift, you can hone it down to specific desires using the positive language choices. Play around with this, using what your wish is, state “I want or I need…” and notice how that feels. Now substitute this for “I have…”, “I have my…”, “I choose…”, “I choose my…”, and “I am…” Use the phrasing that makes you feel a little lift in the heart.

This post has been about the language in relation to taking action but of course you could apply this way of talking to everything. Language is very misused in the world, to an appalling degree. There is actually a level of what could almost be termed sickness, at the heart of Western language and when this is studied/observed to any degree will become increasingly apparent. I hope this post at least opens your eyes a little more to how you can use language to enrich your own life. Tomorrow I outline a simple exercise for overcoming fear about taking action.

`The following audios are two different exercises for making a decision. The first is heart and body based – noticing reactions to the options you have. The second is a guided meditative journey that utilises help from your guides and information from your subconscious mind.


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