Day 23 – Vitality

Continuing on the theme of energy today’s post is about enhancing or regaining your vitality. This is as much a part of being peaceful as performing relaxation and meditation. Being peaceful is not a passive or low in energy state, rather it’s the knowing that peace is always there under the surface not only no matter what else is going on but of being aware of your vital nature as part of that peacefulness.

When we are aware of a deep sense of peacefulness it’s actually quite a energising feeling, we tend to take in a deep breath, smile, feel uplifted, happier, feel a little more motivated. Have you ever felt just blah or low in energy and been aware of peacefulness at the same time? I doubt it. Even when very low or depressed, no energy to do anything there is a form of agitation below that. Next time you do feel low, when your mood is dragging, sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe into it with the question “What’s really here”. If you go beneath the surface you will find some form of agitation or turmoil or even anxiety. When we fully engage with an emotion, no matter how seemingly painful, something in us energises or comes alive.

The two videos below are of Donna Eden, someone I’ve mentioned before as I think she’s remarkable. Donna Eden has taken vast amounts of knowledge about the various energy systems of the body and condensed them into workable solutions for health and well-being that anyone can use, regardless of mobility or current state of health. I’ve certainly found some of her techniques invaluable over the past couple of decades.

The first video is a short, 4 minute, interview that’s a useful background to who she is and how rapidly energy medicine can work. The second video is a daily routine that need take no more than 5 minutes to perform (video is 9 minutes) that will make a sizable difference to your health, energy levels and mood. One of the exercises is even another form of energetic protection.

Tomorrow I will begin with the basics of taking action on what you desire next in life and in the meantime I hope you enjoy these videos!

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