Day 22 – Other People’s Energy

The final segment of this 28 day series on being peaceful is about energy awareness and taking action. To start I’d like to revisit a topic I wrote about last year and that is of making sure our bodies and energy systems are clear of energy that is not ours. Many people are diligent about this but a surprising – to me anyway! – amount of spiritual seekers neglect this as part of a routine for setting ourselves up for the day. Just as our own fields and various bodies are interconnected so we as a species are interconnected, when in a room with others our energy fields overlap and mingle, this is usually how we can perceive the atmosphere of a room, or know how another is feeling, or even thinking. This does not mean we automatically absorb their stuff though.

There are many reasons for why we pick up another’s energy, it depends on how sensitive we are, the state we may be in at any given moment, what we resonate with in another, how much we are in agreement with another to even being a little under their “spell”. The more our own field is unprotected the more susceptible we will be to energy outwith self; if very tired, take drugs or drink a lot, are going through a phase of ill health or are very agitated with a lot of distorted/”negative” thoughts and feelings we can be more open to energies not our own. It also depends on the person who’s energy we absorb – this is a more complex subject and one I’d rather go into in more depth in another post. And this is just from people! There is the energy from places and objects and also of course electromagnetic frequencies – these are what I’m most affected by now, and probably many others without being aware of just how detrimental to health and well-being EM frequencies are.

As you can tell by the above, by no means exhaustive, list a lot of us do need not just protection but more importantly clearing of the field regularly. To me the clearing bit is the most important as no matter how protected we are if we resonate with someone else’s issues or thought forms, or we are more connected to that person we can pick up their stuff. Of course there are people who just aren’t prone to any of this at all, unfortunately I’m not one of them. I have a daily practice of clearing and protecting myself and feel off if I don’t. I am also aware that I will get to a point where I do not need to do this; when we reach a certain level of being in a state of Love or fully embodied within our Christed nature distorted energy will pass through without sticking.

As to the clearing of energy there are two aspects, there is an almost impersonal amount of stuff we pick up from being around people and places, this you let go of without a second thought, without wasting time on who it’s from or what it is etc. The second aspect is more personal, this is where something gets stuck or repeats far too much to be generalised, this could be stuff we have had in our field for years, sometimes decades, as it becomes part of an energetic entanglement to do with a personal issue or may be part of a relationship dynamic that’s ongoing.

Here are some general ways to clear and protect and included at the foot of this post a recording that guides you through this process.


One of the most powerful and effective tools is The Violet Flame. Call this forth formally with words such as (there are many ways to call it in, you may already have your own wording or just instinctively know what words to use) “I call forth the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation. Violet Flame blaze within, throughout and around me, transmuting and consuming all discordant and misqualified (“negative” in old language!) energy that I may have absorbed from anyone, anything or anywhere I have been in contact with”. See, visualise, this burning through your body and aura.

Another clearing tool is pure white light, call in white light from whomever or wherever you wish to call it from and see it flooding and cleansing your entire being.

Another way to clear energy that you know is specifically from another is to say, “In the name of God (or whatever is meaningful to you) I release all misqualified energy I have absorbed from …. and send it back to them with love”. As responsible people we never send back energy in the form it came. If you work with energy and know how to re-qualify it then transmute it and send it back as such. For instance, I send back any energy that has been directed towards me qualified as pure Christ Consciousness in the form of gold light – and yes I am aware when judgement and anger are directed towards me!


Ask that white, sapphire blue, gold, or diamond like crystalline light pours through you, through every cell and every particle, through all layers of your being until it forms a seamless oval field of protection around your aura. Ask also that this pours through and around your home.

You can ask for protection from Archangel Michael, visualise his sword in front, to the sides, the back, above and below you, forming a fiery, blue field of protection.

Ask your own guardians, Angels etc. for daily protection.

There are many ways to protect and clear yourself and these are a just a few to start you off if you are new to this or to add to what you already do perhaps. There is a lot more to this subject and I will go into other aspects of what can become buried in our fields another time!

If this practice is new to you all I can suggest is try it for a few days and see how you feel. When I first started doing this in the 90’s I couldn’t believe the difference it made and also could not believe how affected I was by some people’s energy. Someone else had to clear it for me at first until I learnt how to do this for myself. I remember two occasions, first was when I was in a group of people and was feeling extremely disconnected, as if I was fading away; someone else in the group noticed something weird in my field, cleared it for me and in a few minutes it’s as if I came back to reality. Another time I was feeling as if I was coming down with the flu, as I’d now experienced and tried these methods out a few times I had an instinct I wasn’t actually unwell, I sent the energy back to where I suspected it came from and within half an hour felt completely well again.

I recount these two incidents to illustrate that not all conditions we find ourselves suffering from are our own or even “real”. I have so many stories of feeling off, wierd or unwell and after some energetic work felt completely normal again, within at the most an hour of the therapy, clearing or healing that I’ve just undergone.


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