Day 21 – Being Still

For more info about this series please go to This post takes a minute to read and the exercise is of your choice.

This is the last post of the mind segment of 28 Days to Being Peaceful and it’s a short one. If you wish to, all there is to do today is focus on the concept of stillness, what is it like to have a mind that is still?

Sit with this for a few minutes, perhaps say to yourself, “My mind is still” and observe what arises, what thoughts, questions, feelings, visualisations, self concepts rise up? See if you can simply acknowledge what arises then let it go and come back to “My mind is still”.

If you find you need more help then just repeat one of the exercises or meditations of the past few days. Perhaps try a few of the quieting the mind tips, the My Truth Is… exercise or one of the meditations from this week, please find links below to these.


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