Day 18 – … And This Means

For more info about this series please go to This post takes 2-3 minutes to read and the exercise as long as you wish.

So today we dig a little deeper into My truth is… You may be wondering, why do this? What does stirring things up have to do with feeling peaceful? At our core is deep peace, unwavering stillness. What obscures this fact or truth is whatever is layered on top, by digging down through and releasing the layers of emotion, belief and old programming at the same time as seeking to experience moments of peace will bring you to that core aspect of Self. It’s not about being calm or having a particularly even temper, nor is it about being seemingly perfect. It is the ability to be that sense of peacefulness within, no matter what else may be going on in your life.

Back to the exercise, a few things can happen after doing the first part of this, you may have found yourself processing feelings that have been stirred up or you may have had the odd “Aha!” moment or more thoughts/beliefs may have surfaced. When this happens a lot of old assumptions will often simply dissolve on their own. When digging down to the root cause of an issue whether it’s through sinking through layers of feeling or by asking questions in a specific way, when we reach a layer of truth the truth or clarity itself is enough to clear what is there.

To continue with this particular exercise, the second part is to take what came out yesterday and any other thoughts that may have surfaced in the meantime and repeat out loud what you have written down. As mentioned yesterday a significant amount will look like rubbish as you view what’s there, what we are going to work with now are any thoughts that still have a charge. If there are a few pick the one with the most charge or most impact. Repeat this one out loud and then follow it with the statement “And this means”. I say statement instead of question as it infers that you already know the answer, kind of tricking the mind into pulling it out of the subconscious.

With the answer that arises take a moment for a deep breath in and out, this second part is a little more contemplative, more slow, and will often be more emotional – you may be rooting out the hidden thoughts behind certain emotional responses. Sometimes the first response is the root of the issue, sometimes there will be several layers. The way you can usually tell is through your reaction. This reaction would be strong emotion that needs release, a deep level of personal revelation, that “Aha!” moment. A shock as you realise something you may have been blind to, or the seeing of a deeply entrenched belief that may have shaped the way you live your life, or something else! So just keep repeating “and this means” (or whatever else seems appropriate by this time) until you seem to reach the core of something.

Another way you can deal with what arose from the “My truth is…” statements is to simply ask, “is this true”? Just use your intuition to know which way to go with this, usually the “is this true”? will just apply to concepts in the mental body that need unravelling. (Check out Byron Katie’s The Work for an excellent method for peeling apart what may be stuck in the mind, she takes the “is this true” question much further) The “and this means” is for when there is more emotion or for when you cannot let go of something. As I’ve mentioned before you cannot talk out an issue. If this is attempted without quite specific ways of questioning, the emotional energy often becomes more stuck, more deeply entrenched and causes problems further down the line.

If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line in the comments, I’m interested in your experiences with this!

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